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User reviews on Conventional Fixture products

Buy it (Chauvet - 4BAR Wash Light System)

By JimboSpins, 26/10/2012
The Chauvet 4BAR is an LED lighting unit that has 4 total lights on it, each light has 36 red, blue, and green LED lights. There are a total of 432 total LED lights on the Chauvet 4BAR. It comes on a tripod stand that is very sturdy, so depending on where you have this set up at will depend on how sturdy it is. I have seen these things tip over before if it is too close to the dance floor and risk people bumping into it. The Chauvet 4BAR only cost 400 dollars and will provide you with a professional lighting display for your sets.

The Chauvet 4BAR is an very effective lighting display that sets up instantly. It is very portable and durable. You just have to make sure when you are transporting it from place to place that you protect the lights good, because it is easy to damage the LED’s in each light. If you damage one LED it will show when you are using the Chauvet 4BAR so you have to make sure that you protect them all. I have also seen replacement bulbs for the LED’s but they are not cheap. It does come with a carrying case.

If you are in need of energy than the Chauvet 4BAR can give you that plus more. This is almost like a total lighting system, if you are in a smaller club this could be the only lighting system that you need. The lights shine bright and far. If you need to buy more units, you can do that and daisy chain them all together so they will all be in sync. I have used 4 of these at the same time all daisy chained together through the Edison plug power output. The possibilities are endless with these lights, if you need some good lighting this is the way to go. You must see these in person to know how good they truly are!

DJ Gaby's review (DTS - PAR 56 Court)

By DJ Gaby, 13/11/2004
Well there's not much to say !! it is a simple fact, but really easy !! 300 or 500 wath wath c quite honest !! in this price range has ri1 there to say !!

Very fragile (Eurolite - AKKU Mini PARty RGBW Spot)

By Monte Thompson, 14/09/2019
I've had three of these battery powered DMX lights running 2-3 single act shows every weekend since January and there are a handful of issues.

The main problem is that the power/recharging is connected by mini-USB. These connectors are fragile at best. I've broken three of them so far.

Next problem is that Eurolite give you no way to know anything about the level of the battery charge. When they ARE plugged in to recharge the little red light to let you know if there is a good connection is so recessed that it is often not even visible - that's assuming that it hasn't quit altogether as is the case with two of my lights.

To get the charger to connect requires a lot of wire wiggling. i have to hang a small clamp off of two of the charging wires to get it to connect.

Next up is the frame that secures the light to a bar. They are very flimsy and are easily bent thus no suitable for road use. They are also very short and DMX cables and terminators cannot clear the distance so adjusting the lights is problematic. This very issue has broken several power leads as well.

The light strength is pretty weak, and the LED responsiveness to DMX is slow.

Eurolite seems to be a bit shortsighted in their strategy as they are clearly targeting gigging DJs and musicians with low price lighting but this in contradicted by the fact that their lights consistently have tight beam angles which, one would assume, be the opposite of what small stage or, as is the case most of the time, no stage at all, users. Low ceilings, tight corners and small rooms mean that pub performers need wide beam angles. Just my 2p.

My recommendation is to spend a little bit more and get something a lot more useful. I will be changing my lights as soon as possible.

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