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User Review

Bitter or Sweet - Reviews Flux :: Bitter Sweet II

The BitterSweet II by Flux is a Transient Designer. You can turn the main dial one of two ways, if you turn it to the sweet side it will decrease the transients amplitude. But if you turn it the opposite direction which would be to the bitter side it will take the transients amplitude and magnify them. I have been using Bitter Sweet II for a month now and I am really learning to use it effectively. I am starting to use it more and more as time passes. The manual for me was in PDF format and was easy to navigate through, I am glad it is PDF format because I needed the manual a few times and I was able to just use the search to find what I was looking for. All of the main functions of BitterSweet II are very easy to locate and use. Everything is pretty much on the main interface.


Loading BitterSweet II into my Dual Core PC was very quick and easy to do, and BitterSweet II is very stable in my DAW. The BitterSweet II Transient Designer has 64 bit floating processing and you can have up to 8 channels. It works on Mac running 10.5 or better in 32 bit, and on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 in either 32 or 64 bits.


You can really put a good mix to your project when using BitterSweet II. This is the first version of this software that I have used, I am very happy with the choice that I made to purchase this. I saw it in a magazine and decided to do some online research before I bought it. It has proven itself to be on of the best purchases that I have made in the last year (gear wise). Very good quality and very professional sound. After you get use to it you will be creating a “sweet” mix!