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User Review

hildgen's review - Samson Technologies Guitar AF1

Here is a system that HF ​​INTERESTED for guitarists working Lancien with a pedalboard and amp from vintage guitar (with no loop deffet).
Bin yes, good old configuration requires dpoque ask the Receivers on the pedalboard so when it is mounted in a box format pedals, does not have inaperu! Abandoned javais lide of wireless mquiper jusquau day I lexistence discovering the Samson Airline
How it works
Well, no dj cest diversity, despite the presence of two antennas that could make us believe otherwise. THERE quune single channel! Otherwise, the manual is clear to see, click on the:

Info gain: with my Firebird, (two mini humbuckers), I had to push the small switch lmetteur (AG1)-15dB position to avoid saturating the Receivers (AP1). Jai then finds the gain standard (the same one quavec jack) by setting the Gain knob Receivers (LEVEL) on 3H. In short, once this is performed rglage ny affects more!

PSU Info: You can put a 9V battery into the case but on a pedalboard, the principle is gnral CORD all pedals with a single 9V source. The AP1 is equipped Receivers dune taken DALiM external but on page 23 of the manual prohibits us to connect anything other than 12V Lalim Samson lest the Receivers in smoke ... OK, I havent bin manufactured lugging my pedalboard for 3 or 4 transformers derrire! So we regard rflchit The power supply of external 9V pedals deffets, the + is on the crown, on the tip. Well, the AP1 Receivers, cest otherwise, the + is on the tip and the crown. Just connect Lalim lenvers (from a power supply like Boss pedals deffet or Ibanez) and a walk. For proof, see page 29 of the manual, the rear faade Receivers UR1 o lon clearly see the Schematic REPRESENTATIVES + on the tip and the crown (lUR1 is food by the same transformer that LAP1). So we can supply the entire pedalboard with a single transformer, taking care:
1 - Respect the polarity of LAP1.
2 - Not Exceeds in total consumption (sum of all The elements of the pedalboard) that the transformer can provide. LAP1 consumes 70 mA (page 70).

Apart from a:
- Lmetteur AG1 is larger than javais imagined! Dincidence not look on the guitar with jack is located on the edge (Les Paul) but not nest lmetteur trs discreet about the guitars on the table with Jack (SG, FIREBIRD, ES335 ). Good freedom of movement lemporte the look!
A lightweight background noise that I did not hack the justification SETTING THE Squelch.
A grain can be a little sharper quavec a jack but corrections will Lampl trslgre end of this modification (barely audible).
Lmetteur AG1 Gibson type can indeed turn a bit lax around the jack which nest vritablement not a problem.
No problem of transmission, even in the apartment!
Cest super power play without running like Angus Young trainer Lampl derrire itself!


The Samson Airline his job well and we expect a version true diversity!