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User reviews on Trombone products

mooseherman's review (Conn - 88h-o)

By mooseherman, 28/03/2010
This is a phenomenal trombone. It is made by Conn, who are a great trombone manufacturer. They've been making quality trombones for intermediate to professional players for a long time and have a great reputation. This is a tenor trombone that has a great sound. One of my favorite features of this trombone is that it isn't too heavy on the low end. Thus, you tend to not get the extremely brassy, low end sound that is the common idea of a trombone. This instrument is great for players with a lot of technique and range. It sounds great for long legato passages, has a very smooth glissando, and the slide operates like a dream, assuming you keep it in shape. Tone wise It actually tends to stray away from the abrasive, unless you deliberately are trying to accentuate that aspect of the instrument. For the most part, assuming the player knows what they are doing, the horn is smooth and rich, sounding pleasant and melodic without getting too much noise. I found that playing parts for concert band and a jazz big band on this trombone were equally impressive. This demonstrates the enormous range of the instrument. I didn't want to put this down the first time I started playing it, mainly because it was so superior to my original trombone. The only issue I found with this trombone was the price, even though I saw it on sale, it was over two thousand dollars. I would almost always opt for buying it used if possible, it'll still be really expensive but I think that the quality will still be the same and it's the best way to afford this instrument. I don't know who is buying new trombones these days (except for maybe schools and institutions of that nature) but I certainly can't. If you can realistically afford this, definitely look into it, it's a high quality instrument.

Solid brass.. (Conn - 88h-o)

By yoTrakkz, 23/08/2011
The Conn 88h 0 is a great Trombone, Conn has always put out a quality instrument. This Trombone feels and looks beautiful. Has a really nice feel to it when you are holding it in play position, the slider feels great and is very easy to slide and still has some weight to it. The downside of this Trombone from Conn is that the price is high. No one likes high prices on any equipment but sometimes you have to put money out in order to get the quality instrumental that you need and that you deserve to have. I suggest saving the money up for this on rather than settling for a lower model or off brand Trombone that isn’t going to be as stable as this one is.

The sound that the Conn 88h O produces is a beautiful horn low end sound. Its perfect harmony! Not a marching band Trombone sound, but more like a orchestral Trombone that you would hear on stage. It sounds the best when its played in an auditorium rather than outside, just because of the way sound travels. The thing that I like the most about this Trombone from Conn is the feel of it, it has a nice solid brass feel that is very light but still has some solid weight to it, and the slider has the perfect feel to it so you can reach all of the notes you are playing quickly with such a solid slider.

Overall the Conn 88H 0 Trombone is the way to go, this horn will last you for a long time and you will be able to polish your skills. They say that this isn’t for the beginners, only reason is because of the price. I say you can get the money together for this Trombone get it! No matter what your playing level is.

Made for beginners (Stagg - 77-TA)

By yoTrakkz, 29/11/2011

I can't say the Stagg 77 TA this is the greatest trombone out there. It's just a good beginner trombone. It's easier to hold than some better sounding ones, because the weight distribution is more even. This might be to the detriment of the sound, but for younger players it's more important that they can actually hold it! I don't like how little expression you can get out of it, and I really don't like the general tone really. But I have fond memories of it, so I guess I don't mind it too much. I feel like the slide, even when well lubricated, just isn't as easy to maneuver as a better trombone's. 

I didn't try many other models prior to getting this one. I've played a few since, and they have mostly been far better than this one. Then again, they were much more expensive than this one, and they weren't geared towards 

This is arguably the best thing about the trombone. It's one of the cheaper models out there, and my high school purchased a ton of them. Definitely a good investment for a beginner, since it will generally continue to sound for as long as they're playing it, until they reach a point of maturity where they remain interested enough to get another one. 

I would probably go with something a little better than this if I had to buy a trombone again in the near future, but again, I would recommend it to anyone who's trying to learn; it served me well for over four years, and I never got too frustrated with it. 

This trombone is good, but it's not recommended for a really experienced player. I think anyone who's good enough at Trombone will realize this. I remember having a lot of trouble with it buzzing and getting irritating after awhile. That being said, it's mostly up to the player when it comes to the instruments; with a good player, it sounds good. It doesn't have the richest or smoothest sound out there, but it's good enough for me. 


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Published on 03/15/08
JUPITER introduces the new XO professional model -1236-T Thayer trombone.

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