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User reviews on Trumpet products

kitaro1's review (Selmer - Radial c75)

By kitaro1, 28/11/2011
I use this trumpet its been 20 years now ...

I tried a lot of model, and I have had the opportunity to try the new model home Selmer, and I find this one superior c75

I just say is that when you a radial we care!

its sonority is very clear, soft, round, very good job, great games, and so on ...

we just approach any records, as well as the classic jazz, varitetc

Selmer consult maurice andr to the trumpet, and feels immediately when it was in hand and we're playing, it's a real jewel

it's a shame that stop the Selmer fabriquation this model because the radial instrument par excellence

it is very difficult to find an opportunity, especially in very good condition, because we must not forget that this model was released in the year 70

the price quality ratio is very correct for this trumpet, if we can find one used it takes 950 euros if it is fairly good condition (correct varnish, not too much bump, piston and slides in good condition)

and can go up 1400 euros if in very good condition
(If we can find one :)

having tried the last professional model, yes, I would do without this choice problem, I'm not ready for me Sparer

when one, we keep it :)

rascar's review (B&S - Challenger II 3172/2 LR)

By rascar, 22/04/2010

Yamaha Silent Brass review (Yamaha - Silent Brass SB7X)

By SpiralShaper, 03/06/2015
I bought the Trumpet Silent Brass system in 2003-4. This may not be the same model as the SB7X. The Silent Brass system provides a mute on the projecting qualities of the trumpet. As a practice tool, the Silent Brass is nifty for late practice sessions, apartment dwellers, and last minute hotel preparation.

I only have used my Silent Brass system a few times. The amplifier/headphone setup is pretty cool if you're into that. I used it during late hour practice at our condo, usually just for chop exercises. The model I owned was somewhat "dense" and despite claiming a natural feel, often still felt like the backpressure of a mute.

I give the Silent Brass system 3/5 for personal experience. It's useful if you have the need, not extremely so without. If the SB7X has done away with the tight airflow problem, it earns an automatic 4th star for ingenuity.

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