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User Review

bfman's review - B&S Tuba Contrebasse 3103kl Sib

Bb Tuba (Bb)
- 4 pallets online
- Bore 19 mm,
- Bell 480 mm
- Weight 10Kg
I have used it for 3 years, n'tant not the first to use it, I have some bumps rcupr pod female teachers to use all the capabilities of the instrument .
I love this tuba for sound, with a few years derrire me a good mouth and throat, we get a big sound, small Youngblood concertos (the group uses a Souba), through the Batterie Fanfare or harmony, it goes everywhere, of course, requires that the musician is able!
the problem with this or my tuba tuba (as it starts be old (rinsed)) it is hard to master especially for suppleness and large intervals. I do not know how his new MODELS, but mine the old type of pallets and pallets of this type is quite noisy and often blocks (but I can not maintain them, and the tuba is old, has come to be a can?).
up from the pallets difficult, how can you have a Bb tuba better than a? I ask myself!
fanfare for the battery I find it great and I never tire of it all, with this big flag and it appears that overall quality great.
Notice to awkward, it's a big tuba trs made with a layer of copper fine enough, so it is very easy damaging, I advise you to rev attention as a jewel as a must the tui being protected with a rigid or so for the use of bus dplacements ingnieusit prserver for shock and other heavy items.
prt by the tuba my music, I intend to take a fa of the same type, but if I had to take a B flat and if I could afford, so I will take it, or else one of the m I like that.
but above all I recommend you try before you buy, especially for such instruments and seek advice from professionals who are mostly more tuba derrire them.
I put 9 but I think 10 for tuba in state ban, not for mine is old.