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Fender Twin Amp [2002-2010]

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Fender Twin Amp

By MGR/Billy, 19/02/2011
This is the Fender Twin Amp. Different from The Twin and the '65 Reissue Twin Reverb. Basically it looks the same as a Twin Reverb but it has an added distortion channel.

The same great all tube tone you are used to. This amp has distortion, tremelo and reverb. 2 12 inch speakers made by Eminence.

I was buying guitar amps for a studio. Of course the Twin Reverb is a popular guitar sound. I couldn't afford a vintage Blackface so I thought I'd switch it up and give this a shot. I bought it at my local music shop for $1650.

I really like the 1/4 power switch. Still plenty of power but you really get to crank the tubes without running all 100 watts.

The distortion is great. I like a light distortion mixed with an Ibanez TS808 Tubescreamer. Magic right there!

This amp is a beast! It weighs a ton and can rip your head off. I do not gig much with this amp and mostly just record with it, so it works out. I have an amp closet, heavily padded so I can crank this thing to high heaven.

Well built. There's a reason these amps have hung around so long. Fender builds a solid, road-worthy amp.

This amp is a wild beast! All the power you will ever need. Don't be afraid to try this amp out just because it is different than everyone else's Twin.

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Fail! (And shame)

By NicolasD, 15/10/2009
I put my opinion on days this amp and will bleed.
It is therefore an all-tube amp, a kind of Twin "deluxe" (with many useful little accessories like the tilt back legs, the cover and rollers) but with a fairly modern saturated channel.
Fender says that even if it is a true twin, the building is significantly diffrent (I'll let you search the forums).
There is an EQ and volume for each channel, a button to add bright treble the clean channel, a gain SETTING THE saturated for a tremolo with speed and intensity and reverb (hell, j 'it back later), and finally a still for the knob prsence.
It is a true 100 watts that can switch in 25, but whatever happens, for a combo, and even at 1 / 4 of its power, it is trs (too) hard.
I like the Fender Aesthetics, probably because it refers to a long history of music amricaine.


This amp has won the sweet nickname EVIL TWIN. Vendors say it is for its weight (40kg, o casters) or volume but it is not.
It's actually because the SERIES is dfectueuse. (Edit 01/01/2011, trs Nomesiaa is rightly pointed out that it is saturated to its channel. C'tait can be true at beginners but today it is more mocking nickname, especially from users amricains, see the forums).
A few weeks after having bought it (two years ago), I had the problem of fuses blowing, blast of reverb, and "plop" the activation thereof.
I returned the amp Repair Tool several times and even if the store and rparateurs AGRS Fender taient agreements on default observations, they never really done nothing to rgler.
Sometimes I get the amp in the same state that I had sent but 10 months APRS (more the fault of the store or rparateurs that the SAV is very Fender s nice and ractif).
Contacts softphone, the rparateurs me that they were unaware of the problem and had o had no time to find the causes.
They kick for touch and the store I replaced the amp twice.
So I had three hands Twinamps new and each time the same concerns.

The cake came back to the last sent by Fender amp directly without going through the store.
I plug it ... Same breath, even plop, worse, the footswitch is reversed channel change active effects loop, reverb tremolo active and vice versa.
Surprised, I unplug the footswitch and I get a hum with permanent cutting tremolo that does that if I reconnect the footswitch.
As I hear a little more "cling" to the amp ds I play some high notes, j'teins the amp and I will remove the wheels that taient still in their package of int Interior of the twin.
I try to turn the amp ... and nothing, dead.
I laughed a lot.
We easily obtain a good sound? When he walks so as not working but hardly ever ...


It's a shame. The few times he walked (in both gnral Premire nine weeks for an amp), the top Tait clear sound: full of chest with powerful bass, deep, brilliant if was necessary and a really wide sound distribution.
Trs effects sounded good and knobs legalization of all taient trs effective.
It does not saturate, even 10 (I tried once but this amp is overkill and I do not think anyone ever used it 10).
A real clean sound that goes from jazz to blues through pop etc ... That, I think, a clear sounds the most enjoyable I have heard on an amp.

The canal is really saturated spcial. Too much chemical to me, too artificial. There are some who like a. Yes, it is widely usable because it is well and that Dfine Live trs is enjoyable not to feel embedded in the middle of the rest but it's not my thing. For me it lacks a small reserve of gain and should sound more natural as I am a big fan of Marshall then saturated forcment ...

I might be done better to buy a 65 Twin and he added the pedals of my choice.


The price fell Twin Amp 400 euros, I think that's the word EVIL ranon (edit 01/01/2011: It was then reassembled and they still sell, I of misunderstanding).
I comparison tools: I have a Mesa Boogie 2:90 + Triaxis, a Marshall JVM 410H, an Egnater Rebel 20 and an old Peavey Bandit 112.
Other amps, despite their quality, do not support the comparison against the Twinamp its clear.
However, the distorted sounds, it is he who picks (except may be the bandit 112, compared to transistors, and again, it's about got).
I like the Fender clean sound. Really. So I wanted the original, the legends.
Unless The series of 65 twin or Super reverb works really well with the experience, I will take a plutt Rivera (01/01/2011 edit: changed to a Bogner Alchemist, see my opinion)

Audiofanzine FR's review

By Audiofanzine FR, 03/11/2008
(Originally written by willygoodpicker/translated from Audiofanzine FR)

100-watt all-tube amp with clean channel, distortion channel, vibrato effect and FX loop. I give it a 9 because of the lousy quality of the FX loop. With my Strat and my Tonelab it produces an excessively brilliant sound. And also because 100 watts is too much output power!


The design is simple: volume, high, mid and low, plus a switch to get a round or twangy sound. The presence knob simply adds high frequencies to give the sound more brilliance, as if the amp didn't have already enough high-end. But what a sound!! Just plug and play. The user's manual is clear and comprehensive (it even provides very precise information on the bias setting) but the amp design is so simple that you don't really need the manual.


The amp is perfect for 50's, 60's and 70's blues rock and funk licks but it will also give you decent results in other music styles. Avoid heavy metal. I'm playing a customized Stratocaster with EMG SA1 pickups... it's great! The clean channel produces a very pure tone and the lead channel a tasty distortion, but it's not comparable to Marshall. I can say this amp is addictive... but it's also very heavy! And unreliable! I nearly sold it for this reason... but, on the other hand, it sounds sooo nice.


It ages pretty well, I've been using it for three years. I replaced the tubes. I tried several Marshall amps, one Mesa, various Peavey models, one Fender Supersonic (the Fender Twin sounds much better) and this twinamp has nothing to envy them for, it's just different. It's a top-range product. It sounds great. The only bad thing about it is the FX loop.

The value for money is ok.

Yes I would buy it again based on my experience thus far.

Rauze's review

By Rauze, 27/10/2006
-All lights.
-100 Watts switchable supposedly in 25 but in fact has to be more.
see the notice for the remainder Previous


Easy to use


The sound is simply gnial.Beaucoup of coffre.J 'redcouvert have all my guitars with this amp, Les Paul, Telecaster, Stratocaster, while his background convient.Le gain this amp has a lot of compression and drive is very powerful coffre.J adore the sound of this amp ampli.Comme all high-end it's no surprise, is a clear arrache.Le trs effective, stratum or riffs with a t the reverb is really claquant.La trs effective, however, over 3 began to be trop.On the impression of playing in a cathedrale.Tous sounds are beautiful.
That's what I prfre in this amp.


I did not long ago and I'm not PRS me spare.
The particular feature I like least is:
It poids.Trs trs heavy little prs in 37, 38 pounds and with a single HANDLES is boring transporter.En same time it makes sense that the amp is heavy.
And as the power dlivr.C is deprecated for norme.A CEUs who lives in the disto appart.Seul Grable is low volume, the sound is clear too powerful IMMEDIATE volume. When I say that the volume is powerful is that you can REALLY dull finish with this amp if you put too fort.Chose I never dare to let faire.Je constantly on the low output.
What I like most is the son.Je would do without this choice hsitation only the sound that is both beautiful and powerful ..
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