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User Review

I finally have a - Reviews Fender Twin Reverb "Silverface" [1968-1982]

100 watt tube amp
with the tough real transformer (after their codes of these would be schumacher) short sounds vibrato and reverb.
2 inputs on each channel


simple branch and go


always a great modifiable wish this kind of beast
Guitar Input 1 jack jack connector input 2 to input 1 channel 2
bass5 middle trebble 8 6 bright switch adjustment on channel 2 as a function of the pedal or config of the day for the set.

lamps 4 tung sol KT66, old stock preamp tube
1 RCA, 1 mazda, 1 1 phillips siemens 1, 1 mullard, mullard 1 tad replica


I gat a classic 30, I had a hugues and kettner tube 20, the transformer problem is not planned to take the shock.

the twin to the old point-by-point or anything like another amp hw though.
I would do this choice, but if I had the possibility of a true 59 or bassman or super reverb Vibroverb well I will complete the range.