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User Review

Pristine sleeper cleans - Reviews Fender Twin Reverb "Silverface" [1968-1982]

- Two independent channels
- Two inputs per channel (db pad on channel 2)
- Controls for volume, bass, mids, treble per channel
- Controls for reverb, and vibrato (tremolo) speed and depth for channel 2
- Master volume control
- Spring reverb
- Analog tremolo
- Footswitchable effects
- All tube circuitry (6L6 power section)
- 100 watts
- 2 12 inch speakers
- Heavy duty casters
- Handwired
- Virtually indestructible


Two independent preamps allow you to plug in multiple instruments without phase cancelling and noise. Takes pedals extremely well. One of the most reliable amps around, I’ve seen these go down stairs without anything beyond tube damage.
Because the channel preamps are independent, you cannot footswitch between them, so you’re stuck with whatever you plug into. That said, you can switch reverb and tremolo in and out on channel two.
These are incredibly heavy, so not the best amp to be running around with, but the casters are well made and make transportation a little easier.


Just incredible. Silverfaces knocked pretty hard, but if you can find an earlier one, they sound great (anything before 1972 would be killer). After CBS bought out fender, the very early ones are pretty much unmodified blackface amps. CBS later added a master volume knob, and then a master volume pullout boost. Each of these changes is a good signpost for circuit alteration and decreased desirability/change in tone.
Mine was a 1972, and sounds just incredible. Beautiful bell like cleans with tons of headroom. Not really a warm type clean, more glassy with a little bit of ice. The reverb and tremolo sound just incredible.


Silverface amps are a well kept secret that is slowly getting out. Because blackface twins are pretty expensive, early SF models make a great affordable alternative. Because they are turret handwired, they can usually be converted back to Blackface specs pretty easily by a qualified tech. They sound fantastic, and are incredibly well made and durable, not a whole lot to be said against them. Do note that for older amps, you will probably have to switch out tubes and maybe filter caps, so keep that in mind when negotiating price.