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User Review

Classic sound and tone - Reviews Fender Twin Reverb "Silverface" [1968-1982]

The Fender twin reverb amplifier is a great classic sounding amplifier they get you one of the most highly used in easily recognizable tones in all of rock 'n roll music. It's a classic feeeling and virtually one of the best clean platforms you're ever going to get an amplifier. I has a wonderful voicing for just about any style of music you will need to get in overdrive pedal in some effects if you going to get the tones you need to plan a band. This is such a good starting platform for any guitarist looking for the perfect home. It takes pedals extremely well where that be over driver a distortion, delay, phaser, flange or, chorus, or any other effect or modulation pedal. This amplifiers and he uses pedals to its advantage and really bring out the best in all of the gear that you using any any cenar ale.


This amplifier is very easy to dial-in. It's basically two channels but they're not foot switchable or not selectable in any way. This is a vintage amplifier they definitely vintage tone in the dialing in or selecting your perfect tone is nothing to be very hard. You have one of the channels just for the clean tone. Any other when you're getting get the effect for the reverb in conjunction with the normal cleaning town. It has two 12 inch speakers and it's about 80 W of power so it's pretty loud when you have a chance on a clean signal. A few runner and overdrive pedal or a boost pedal or some kind you can get this amplifier really crank out some loud great tube sounding vintage tone. This is a great amplifier for any country artist country musician all the way up to hard rock player.


The tone of this or voicing of this amplifier is phenomenal. It has a great starting point for anyone wanting to use a good overdrive pedal or any of next panel. These amplifiers take pedals so well and I can't emphasize this enough. So many amplifiers of ever played sometimes take petals very well and sometimes cannot do anything outside of what it has on its own. So if you're a multi versatile guitar player or you play a lot of covers and this is good to be a great amp for you just by the versatility and taking overdrive petals affect petals very well. This is very important for those playing a variety of different music or even if you're in a band that plays a variety of different sounds are tones or songs in this is there be a good amplifier for you.

The tone of his amplifier is a very vintage tone and has that nice sound that you would hear from some of the old records of the 60s and 70s . Don't get me wrong you can definitely play this and any modern style of music do you really hear those components in tone from the old components and tone that they would've used in these amplifiers at that time. Mini boutique guitar amplifier or amplification companies sometimes use new old stock parts which will give it a vintage feel but it's very hard to get that vintage feel for me newly built amplifier.


I recommend this amplifier to anyone is looking for a great starting point in an amp. This is a great amp and very versatile for you if you use a variety of effects or petals of some sort. I seen these amplifiers as low as $700 in the used in classified markets. The market is really saturated with these amplifiers back in those days and you can find these amplifiers pretty easily if you look. These amplifiers have such a great feel and are just pretty fun to play around with if you got a good pedal boarder rack set up.