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User Review

Excellent value for money for this all-tube amp - Reviews Laney CUB12R

Value For Money : Excellent
All-tube amp (2 x EL84 and 3x ECC83), see the description for which patterns. Remember: the HP 12 inch, digital reverb, two inputs and one 15W, effects loop. 15 watts are there, input 1 watt is very useful for recording or playing at home, the reverb sounds good, effective and progressive equalization for the tone control I do not see much use but I do not mind. The little crutch seems gaget but it is useful when it is placed on the floor for sound projection. The weight is reasonable in relation to power. Cons: only 1 channel, no standby


very simpla to use, no need for manual once we easily get the desired sound with three bands of EQ, I still do not understand the usefulness of the tone.


I made a little demo with my 4 guitars that better that long speech: (in sequence: TV bridge, strat neck, sheraton neck, Les Paul bridge). The sound is classic rock and blues rock, overdriven overdrive style, balanced frequency serious doing well with 12 inches. It is difficult to have against a crystal clear sound, especially with doubles. With the gain at 3 ca crunch already a bit. As against that responds well to blow mediator.


I bought it used 6 months ago, for the price of a transistor amp low end I have everything I needed to power and sound level, suddenly we can pass on the light defects: only 1 channel, not really very crystal clear sound. For blues and classic rock, the stones to AC DC is really perfect, I do it again the same choice again. I tried the fender blues junior but he was too strong (not limited entry) and not much better for a double budget. The black star 5HR is more versatile and with two channels, but much more expensive and more "modern", the lionheart 5W Laney is excellent but not all in the same budget