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User Review

A good amp - Reviews Laney VC15-110

All-tube amp (3x 12AX7 preamp and 2 x EL84 power), 15W. 2 channels. Reverb.

Pedal footswitch to activate the overdrive and reverb channel.
Input for external speaker as well as an effects loop.

EQ (Bass / Midle / trebble) and que'un additional knob Tone playing as a tone knob on a guitar

HP by Jensen sending!

Bright Switch which boosts the treble.


No manual, you quickly get a good sound thanks to the equalizer and a Bright switch for extra play on the treble.

Configuration very simple and fairly easy to access, it is a good full amp.

Perhaps the absence of stand-by we regret to start pre-heating lamps, but it is only a very slight detail just to watch and wait before attacking!


Well suited for almost everything from classical to rather large hard rock rock to the course by blues-rock, the real area of ​​this amp in my opinion, maybe a little less for the metal (although ... ) but with a distortion pedal you get there! This is a rather typical vintage amp 'blues-rock' must still recognize it.

There are good sounds at all levels, be it cleans (although sometimes it crunch quickly before the halfway point of the volume on some clean guitar with powerful enough duplicates, but who can complain ??) to saturated that are really great for any rock / hard rock / blues rock!

Amp of great versatility once again.
Epiphone Les Paul played with a 96 as well as various other guitars (Cort G254, Southwestern Fender Strat, Ibanez ...)


I use it for almost two years, and I am not at all disappointed with my purchase, it's a great little tube amp, perfect to get acquainted with all its lamps with 15W which still send the severely steak.
For a quality / price ratio outright, it's just a great amp!