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User Review

One of the best in its field - Reviews Marshall 1974X

Value For Money : Excellent
I take it that the manufacturer says:

18 Watts
Tremolo with speed and intensity.
1 tone control per channel.
1 volume control per channel.
An HP 12 "Celestion T1221 ceramic magnet, exclusive Marshall, aged.
3 ECC83 preamp lamps.
1 EZ81 correct lamp.
2 EL84 power tubes.

Circuit board completely wired point to point, hand-built in an aluminum chassis.

Marshall has even gone to the vice ask its two main suppliers that are Dagnall and Celestion to repeat the same transformer and HP. Given the difficulty of the project and at the urging of Marshall have for this amp, and the REAL famous Greenback T1221, céramic magnet, which would now almost 40 years, Celestion has developed a due process Exclusive aging


Configuration could not be more simple, suddenly the manual can be used to light the fireplace.

It plugs, turn the volume knobs, tone, and slap it directly.

No master, so when we want it saturates, we yell at the neighbors ... unless they are musicians because then they come and sit to listen to her!


I sold last year my half-stack Marshall JCM900 to switch to something more usable, therefore less power, but by looking for the ultimate amp.

After hesitating, I took a Vox AC-15 and this famous British Marshall 1974x.
This is my baby now, I love love.
Not once did I play it without telling me, doggone it's good!

I use it especially for the 70's rock (Led Zep, Hendrix, Aerosmith, Stones, Who, etc. ..) or current (Black Crowes, Pearl Jam, Kravitz, etc. ..).
In this register there, it is for me the best I know.

Now, even Radiohead or the Brit-pop for which I had taken the AC-15, I finally play it.

on the other hand, big friends distortion of JCM800, of Hexa-Correct, leave immediately fall.

This amp is made for those looking for a vintage amp from the 60's to 2000 € euro (blackface fender, vox old, old marshall plexi), but no failures and all the miseries that come with it.

The sound volume is to mid-light while responding extremely well to the attack (I play with a Gibson SG and a Strat pickups with custom std U.S. 69).
Just playing the guitar volume (this is the first time that I use for this thing) and on the attack, moving from a bright to a very nasty crunch at will .
In addition, we saturate the 70's, or rather "big crunche".

I do have a branch Proco RAT 2 downstream for more distortion when I want to go to Soundgarden and Smashing Pumpkins, and especially for the saturation at a lower volume.
Because do not believe that this amp is 18W "light".
It sends hard.
And suddenly to saturate the lamps, you will do the same with your neighbors in the apartment.

I tried my Metal Zone in case, but it is clearly not his area.
In general I'm not sure it accepts pedals very well too modern. Incidentally it has no effects loop, it can be very important for some of you.

The vibrato built into the amp is wonderful, and even his switch is vintage.


How long you use it?

3 months.

What is so special that you love the most, least?

+ The sound so vintage rock
+ The clear so-so I thought (patrce Marshall), it was my biggest fear, which ultimately took me home in Little Wing
+ The look! I love
+ The power reasonable, workable except flat, and largely sufficient for group play.
+ The overall quality, manufacturing and finishing.

- No Master
- Lack of reverb (that's boring it's true!)
- Price! (But then we must compare the price of this amp with the price of a secondhand amp the 60s, and then you realize that in fact it is not that expensive. Try a Fender Blackface example). I am fortunate to have had him at 600 € (yes!) In super condition secondhand by a wealthy man who wanted to part ways.

Did you tried many other models before buying it?

Yes, not bad.
Fender Deluxe Reverb ==> the most beautiful clear sound for a strat of the world
Fender Bassman ==> Excellent, I would say mythical, but less "rock" that Marshall and much more powerful with 4 HP 10 'so difficult to use.
Mesa Boogie 5:25 ET 5:50 ==> Very disappointed, although it was well suited to my request to leave, at home 5W, 50W group. But not all the same trip as the 1974x.
Vox AC-15 made in China ==> surprised for the price. Had I been less Pepete I would probably take it or a Peavey Classic 30.

How would you rate the quality / price?

Good when compared with products with which it must be compared.
It is in the very high end there, top notch home of Marshall, completely handmade. A boutique amp of this quality there would be even more expensive without the brand.
There is less good but it's cheaper.

With experience, you do again this choice? ...

It's simple, I have and I probably keep eternam ad vitam.