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User Review

Anonymous's review - Marshall 4212 JCM800 Split Channel Reverb [1982-1989]

At the first look of this beast has suddenly look great with her black vinyl marshall, two GT12 75 hp Celestion vintage iron.
no grinder lamp, but all fawn over my roadster head, I put diodes still mode, much more accurate for etouff mode distortion, ca degeule not ..
a loop effects on a jcm 800 !! everything you dream!
hp outputs 4/8 / 16ohms times two, you can connect two 4fois12 (not forgetting to calculate the impedance!)


The only jcm 800 two channels, in addition it is a 50w sound is coming faster than the 100 w.
in fact it is the combo version 2 hp 2205 by tom morello head uses (rabies, audioslave).
the right sound without asking Questions for technicians, it sounds now!


You plug it plays! With a Les Paul or Strat as it is getting on all that we love
of Hendrix (yes) a rage against passing of course by all the years 70,80,90) red hot !!
the more you play, the more grain is revealed! indescribable!
much easier to adjust a mesa rectif that, in the mix are the best frequencies of spring!
the clean sound is clear in the beginning until 4 to gain with a Strat or telensuite we arrive at frusciante! get up!
he must remind you have to play hard with this amp (szene)
as it is getting very strong mind-blowing! given the size of the amp


C is a jcm 800 with all the rest of the 800 n not (loop, 50w, 2 channels)
not found!
to repeat mr marshall !!