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User Review

nickname009's review - Marshall Class 5 Combo [2009-2010]

* 5 Watt, 1x10 inch Combo Amplifier
* All-Valve Design with Class A Circuitry
* Powered by 2 x ECC83 Preamp and 1 x EL84 Power Tubes
* Celestion Designed 10 inch Speaker
* Compact Design for Playing out or Staying in

Controls: Volume, treble, mid bass.

This is marshall's response to the low wattage amplifiers out there today. Pretty decent specs, though there are some more versatile ones out there compared to this one, the class 5 is elegant and simple.


Quite easy to use.

4 knobs, super easy to deal with. Single channel operation, the volume controls the output and also the amount of gain, as you crank it, it will get slightly dirtier at really high volumes, the natural break up of a 5 watt amp.

There's no other bells and whistles with this one. It's sort of meant to just be a clean or slightly dirty amp for blues/jazz etc.


The cleans are ok. There is quite a bit of headroom for a 5 watter I wouldn't say it's the cleanest amp out there, after all it is a marshall and they're not exactly known for having the cleanest cleans out there. Though this one is quite loud for a 5 watt and I think it'd be pretty suitable for most gigs. The average guitar player wouldn't do stadium gigs with this but if eq'ed properly and mic'ed up I see no problems with this.

It also takes pedals well, you can throw anything in front of it and get some variety. Cranking it sounds pretty good too surprisingly! It's got that super classic brit rock tone, reminds me of queen for some reason but it sounds pretty good cranked! Throw a boost on top and you'd be on to something, I say!


Decent blues amp. Takes pedals well, decent cleans. Overall, it's decent. I wouldn't say it's the better low watt amp out there, there are quite a few to choose from that are more versatile, but if you want a classic marshall-esque sound in a smaller, more convenient package and don't need all the bells and whistles that the other companies offer, this would be your go to amp!