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User Review

mooseherman's review - Marshall DSL201

This is a Marshall tube amp, made in Britain. There is the single 1/4" input and there is an external out as well as an effects loop. There are 20 watts delivered to this amp. It has two channels, a clean and distorted.


Getting a good sound out of this isn't too difficult, assuming the amp can provide the sound you are looking for. Channel one is the clean channel, and this channel has its own Gain, Treble, Middle, and Bass controls. Channel two is the overdrive channel and includes its own Gain, Volume, Treble, Middle, and Bass controls. Both channels share the same controls for FX Mix, Reverb, and Master Volume. The amp includes a footswitch, which is a great addition to have in a live setup.


This is a great Marshall amp, if the classic Marshall sound is what you are looking for (think Who classics like Won't Get Fooled Again, The heavier Zeppelin stuff, things from that era and a little bit beyond). This amp is perfect for anyone looking to emulate those sounds. There are some who would argue that its a bit cliche, I don't know about that though. Its a great rock amplifier. My main complaint with Marshalls is usually that their clean tones are lackluster. With a Les Paul or even a Strat, the tone of this clean channel is thick and round without being too bassy. And the! What a great sound. Huge and epic, just like the Marshall sound should be. Its powerful and dynamic without losing warmth or character. Its not the most versatile sound, but it's pretty solid and can't be beaten to rock a club. Since this is just a combo, it can't play larger venues on its own like the stacks could, but it certainly can do some damage when hooked up to a PA. It's not bad for recording either, though I tend to prefer other amps to it for that purpose. The reverb is classic spring reverb, good for some live settings but not necessarily for recording.


I like the tone and functionality of this amp the best. The price isn't usually that bad, and used this thing will go for pretty cheap. It's not the greatest Marshall amp out there, but for the price, it's definitely a good purchase. I think that it sounds great and is pretty reliable. The tones are familiar without being boring. I have played a few Marshall combos, but I'm happier with this than I was with most of those. I would definitely recommend this.