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User Review

cazu's review - Marshall DSL201

Lamps 2x EL84 amp - 4x 12AX7
Given a score of big Watts

- DI output,
- Effects loop (mix in faade)
- HP 16 Ohms
- PDAL channel change
- Between a guitar faade

- It is lightweight
- He can play low volume trs


Configuration is very simple, very easy and you get a good sound ... Marshall.
The manual does not appear to me to be essential.


I needed a backup amp (in case o. ..). I'm a fan of MESA BOOGIE, but I wanted to turn to something else (less expensive ;-). Two days APRS reu have this amp, my Rectoverb me loose in the middle of a balance. Without really having had time to be testing the Marshall found himself on scne. (This n'tait a small caf.
Branch on an 2x12 of the same brand, channel saturated at 3 / 4, the knob the guitar to control saturation. ... And Roll!!

Only for solos I just ram it is only the button of the amplifier to boost the volume.

Whether a strat team in HS6, a team in tl Tone Zone, it's done, but only on the Distortion channel. rglage of the prampli refines clarity.
Of course, this remark applies only if you use any effect (which is my case)

for the channel clear is less drle: critical effects, the rverb, even if it is correct is not enough.
Pushed to the max, the crunch channel does not clear properly, it makes me sound and gives a "cardboard". I am surprised trs, especially since the majority of opinions I've read seem positive on this point. It is possible that the state of the lamps in the cause. vrifier when I have the opportunity to change them.

Confirmation: just a lamp. dtail fcheux small: the chssis the amp can not receive any EL84. The Electro Harmonix, for example, are too large to pass 1 mm in rceptacle.

For all that is pop, rock, mtal (80/90) this amp is excellent. rglages mdium the acute and are quite effective, as low ... whether to remove! if you want to add, we realize that they are closer frquences mdium that low.
For large Nu Mtal type sounds, it will be just one can, without prampli and effects supplmentaires

HP is a celestion G12 E - 16 Ohm - 50w ... a fair bit too. More precisely wrong or exploit in an open box. It makes more acute and less G12T a low of 75w.
In a closed cabinet even smaller, it becomes INTERESTED.
What a pity, that there is a single 16 Ohm output HP!

No possibility to boost the volume for the solo, except a dealer with pedals in the effects loop with mix knob back.

No button prsence ... I got no need.


In reading the reviews below, I am purchasing this amp, "eyes closed".
And I must say ... THANK YOU!

I bought two months ago, in England, because, actually, it's pretty hard to find in time.

Dernire week, I tried RPET 'with a 4X12 1960 ... is standard!
marshall sound is the same if an ear lgre identify a diffrence in sound between the EL84 and EL34 of a JVM.
At the same time, to a BPS with a drummer a little fiery, mount the volume 6 or 7.

So I do not regret that choice, even if I am a big fan of versatility Mesa Boogie.