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User Review

Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 201 - Reviews Marshall DSL201

I ordered this in Jan of 97 These were not out yet it arrived at the store in August on my birthday of all days. I paid $509.00

I wanted a small amp just big enough to gig with. I didnt like the half stack too big. that stays at home. I like the channel switching and the fact I could crank this and use the output tube sound instead of the dreaded preamp tube sound. it has separate EQ too. FX loop that I never use (dont use effects really) The reverb is ok if it works that day.

The reverb wont turn off most of the time. I just have it unplugged at this time its annoying !!! No amp should gain this much I just dont see the point so if I use the gain channel its really low maybe on 2.

Construction is like almost any amp these days constructed cheaper than my vintage amps they still work after decades of use this one may not.

For the money its was one of the best ones out there at the time in the 20 watt range. I'm ok with it.

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