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User Review

The best Marshall in a long time, a very versatile tone monster and a future classic - Reviews Marshall DSL40C

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
I play mainly progressive rock and fusion however I also amuse myself with classic rock, blues and metal. This DSL40c came after a long string of amps, most of them good in their own right, that for one reason or another did not meet my requirements.

Anyway this is a serious tone monster that has a good enough transformer and power supply to sound very nice played very very quietly at home or tearing the roof off a stadium. It is capable of delicate cleans but can also do the deepest, heaviest most monsterously bassy power chords. At full volume it would drown out the loudest drummer.

It has a lot of versatility and can go from clean to beautifully overdriven and all the way to heavy metal of at least the 90s. With a guitar with humbuckers it can do modern metal as well.

The nice thing is that he tones are all so rich and fully of harmonics. The amp is very touch sensitive and reacts very well to picking intensity.

It took about a month of playing for the amp to really reach its full potential.

About the only cons of this amp are the weak reverb and the fact that it is extremely heavy, probably because of its awesome build quality.

The amp has been completely without any faults since I have had it and this is one beast I am never selling.