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User Review

Tribute to the old gods - Reviews Marshall 1960s JTM1C

Marshall has recently released a series of 1 watt amplifiers that correspond to each each of their flagship amps from each era. The JTM 1C is thus the first of the series, modeled after the 60's era JTM amplifiers. The JTM1C is a low wattage combo that can deliver sounds true to the original while offering the flexibility of a very small ambient volume, perfect for home recording and practicing. The amplifier can be switched from 1 watt down to 0.1 watt. The front panel is adorned with a simple two knob control scheme (volume and tone). The aesthetics are very pleasing and it would appear that Marshall has made it their focus to deliver a visually refined product.


The amp sounds very good in its intended application, low volumes. Once you begin to open up the power section on the JTM 1, the amp becomes plenty loud even for being a single watt. If you were to put a mic in front of the 1x12, you could easily gig with this amp, and if you were inclined towards a simple, no frills setup, it might be perfect for you. However, in most applications the JTM 1C will be a large compromise in the live environment, but that's ok because Marshall did not intent for it to be a slayer of stadium audiences. The simple control layout allows you to focus in on your tone and get tracks recorded quickly, removing decisions that may have otherwise distracted you.


I played through the JTM 1C with a Gibson Tweedy SG. Weehbo plexdrive and carbon copy delay in front.

This amp sounds very close to the original JTM tones of the 60's. It has a very percussive quality that is unmistakably classic Marshall. Starting with the gain set low on the plexdrive, I was able to get a variety of very nice sounds that ranged from Hendrix to The Darkness. The amp sounds quite pleasant in the room without verb, but a little delay allowed the amp to speak fluidly with leads. I was very surprised at the amount of versatility the amp provided with the helps of some pedals. On it's own, this JTM should please the crowd it was intended for.


The Marshall JTM 1C is an excellent low watt amp for home recording and practice needs. You could certainly gig with this amp if you mic'd it, and with the help of a decent pedalboard, the amp can be plenty versatile. I could argue that, for what it is, there are plenty of more affordable and better equipped amps out there, but that would be missing the point. Marshall built these for fans, for those who want to give homage to their favorite era Marshall amp, and in that regard they really have made something special.