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User Review

Well ... - Reviews Marshall JVM410C

It's all tube 100 with the Marshall sound. Equipped noon (a real plus) two effects loops, parallel and serial, digital reverb ... in short everything the guitarist of the modern needs. (Me in this case) and two master volume, all programmable on the pedal to recall programs or via MIDI.


Utilsation side of marshall is therefore thought to be easier even if thanks to super programmable pedal can go far in the functions, the trick is easy to approach one has understood the trick (that is to say very quickly)

To program the footswitch with the user manual in Briton is something else but overall is well ca.


I play rock mostly covered by the register and this amp is very broad. It captures the nuances of different micro and used guitars. The sound is thick and easy to find in 5 minutes. Flat still sounds very saturated for that, even if they sound good, but it blows a lot means that if there is no noise around. Not death still a little noise gate and voila.
In short, the spectrum covered by this amp suits me but at the highest point, open the cabinet with Celestion marshall to leave me on my hunger, I went on a 2 * 12 connected to the combo initially and eventually replace by the same thing in mind more baffle.
The sound of the combo alone is very well anyway.


This is a very versatile amp that sounds really very good. The extra is clear and warm enough to play jazz and other ... I preferred this amp to a Fender Hot Rod at the store ...
Today I no longer have this combo, I exchanged against a head as I plug in a 2 * 12 and the homemade stuff sounds monstrous.
IN fact I always blamed her lack of box this amp is the open back. Few low except at high volume but the sound changes to acute as well.
Today so I found my sound but I still advise this amp for those who want something versatile in a pretty box. (Heavy box anyway ...)

Good animal goes!