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User Review

escudero's review - Marshall JVM410C

This little combo is amazing! Amplification entirely lamp for a power of 100W! It's really impressive and its connection could not be simpler. A "jack-jack" to connect the footswitch ... it's fantastic, no need for cable scientist. A four-channel amp completely independent and a little cherry on the cake ... each channel has three selections. Four knobs for reverb (one per channel) ... plus it's easy to use ... really found the "Plug'n Play" made in Marshall.

I bought this combo and liquidated my big equipment to gain usability ... but beware, the little light is not at all!?!


Regarding its use, Marshall has really broken on this one ... is simple ... you tune a guitar, you are the branches ... Tournicoti a little here, a little there ... Tournicoti and it's done.

As for the manual ... there's no saw in the factory packaging!?!


The clean sound is really surprising! it is by itself the price of the amp ...

For those who love the big Marshall sound, you will not be disappointed!

The advantage of this product is that it is considerably Polivalente!


Hello world ... apparently I'm the first to give an opinion on this product. Initially, when I looked for the price ... I thought ... Marshall must really be sure of what he sells.

I researched a little to the left and right and finally in the same type of product, I met Roadstar Mesa Boogie ... and frankly for CHF 2'000 .- (approx. € 1'300 .-) difference, there is really no comparison.

Vive Marshall and hope that this time we can say that after the rain has cleared up!

PS: I do not endorse (lol)