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User Review

JackMcCoy's review - Mesa Boogie Blue Angel 1x12 Combo

Specifications are available at Mesa / Boogie (although this amp is no longer manufactured). In summary this is a single channel amp with reverb. The originality of the craft is the ability to choose the power tubes, two 6V6, EL84 four or six at a time. These three options have little impact on the volume itself, they affect the character of the sound.
The wattage is limited to allow the amp cruncher quickly 18W mode 6V6, EL84 mode 33W, and 38W with six lamps at the same time.
The rear panel includes, among other things, an effects loop operating in parallel.
Finally, the amp has a fan, this precaution, a little noisy, annoy those who only play in their room. It is nevertheless an excellent initiative, totally inaudible in groups, which will be of great service to the lamps. Owners of amps that use tubes overheated like a tank of gasoline will understand me.


The settings for this amp is small but extremely effective, so the manual seems to me, once is not customary, necessary to understand the psychology of the beast.
On the front include: a bright switch / fat, volume, the usual treble, mid, bass, reverb and the button "progressive Linkage" to select the power tubes. As explained in the manual settings volume and equalizer do not work as usual on the amps. The volume knob, for example, can also be seen as a tone control, since beyond a certain level, it gives the sound a distinctly fatter and rock (a bit like Cream and Santana). In contrast, the button "mid", in addition to controlling the level of media turns into gain knob from the third of his race.
It is positively impossible to get a bad sound on this amp: even extreme settings are musical and are even recommended by the manufacturer: famous for its clear "crystal" that so many guitarists seem to find it necessary to put the mids to zero. The adjustments proposed in the manual are quite serviceable and suitable for group play.
To conclude the chapter "Use", insist on an important point: the sound is highly dependent on the volume. This does not mean that we should absolutely not push the amp to ring, but you will never get a clear sound at high volume or low volume distorted sound (unless you use a pedal). In addition, the amp has only one channel, you must make do with only one sound to play everything. We can not yet consider this fact as a defect, it is the philosophy of this amp new vintage: there's a rule that module and then using the volume of his guitar and / or pedals. And it works, the receiver, which operates in class A, being hyper responsive.
But better be warned in an apartment, it will clear sound!
The weight is quite reasonable (less than 30 kg evenly distributed).


Sound: This is what motivates the purchase of this amp.
This is the most musical amp I have ever heard, one of the few that justify the legend surrounding the lights and class A. Indeed, it is very warm and very sensitive. The amp responds with astonishing fidelity to blow mediator - it will blow the perfect master!
The change of power tubes is not a fussy snobs for subtlety, this really changes the character of the sound: very elegant American and 6V6 (SRV or the Dire Straits first period), the more raucous rock EL84 (with The Rory Gallagher and Led Zep) and particularly successful in combining both types of lamps. This is usually the last option that guitarists prefer: the sound is powerful, warm and defined - the best of both worlds, in short, American and British! Surprising as arpeggios go well, even in full, they would logically turn to mush noise.
As for the grain, this amp reminds me of guitar tracks of "Exile On Main Street" Rolling Stones: the sound is never "smooth" or cold, it keeps forever (even at low volume) something 'catchy, of rough, vintage anything!
The reverb is gorgeous.


After several months of use, I sold this amp yet full of qualities. The reason is simple: it's an amp purist (and I'm not a purist!). The sounds are great but they are hopelessly vintage.
In the areas jazz, country, blues and rock is the best I've ever heard. But with experience, I would do not have that choice because I need more flexibility. When you play in a group of varieties, the beauty of pure sound is (unfortunately) not a priority. It is better to have sound, certainly less beautiful, but more modern and, above all, programmable.
However, if you play a well defined style, which emphasizes the guitar and you have the freedom to choose your sound, rush!