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User Review

Great amp - Reviews Mesa Boogie F50 1x12 Combo

Value For Money : Excellent
All-tube mesa hand-made in the States, 50 watts on steroids, 2 completely independent channels, comprehensive connection options (effects loop, headphone out, recording output, etc.).
This model hasn't been manufactured for several years, you can only find it secondhand. It's a great opportunity to make yourself with an amp that remains affordable without compromising on quality, power, sound, and reliability.


You need to spend some time with it to dial it in, you ought to start with the controls at the center and take it from there to get the sound you want.
It's intuitive.
The knob that's hardest to dial in is...the volume control on the distortion channel
You need to find the right balance so you can make the best of the Mesa sound and dynamic response without quarreling with your band mates.
I'm still experimenting with it.
The manual is very clear and instructive, it has examples but also general information on the tubes, impedance, bias, etc.


I used to play a Fender Performer 1000, which provided good and loyal services for almost 20 years, the f50 gives me more power and, especially, cleanliness, precision and dynamic response.
The clean channel of my F50 has nothing to envy a clean Fender sound.
It's warm, precise and expressive.
It has two modes: One is precise and sharp, almost impossible to distort, ideal for funk; the second mode goes from crunch to distortion as you increase the gain.
There's plenty to do with these two modes on the clean channel.

The gain channel is extremely powerful..
At low volumes (between 7 and 9 o'clock) it's straightforward and precise, but it lacks some suppleness.
Beyond that, its smoothness and felinity start to well as the decibels ;-)
I use it with an attenuator and I get the sound I want for rock, hard rock, very close to a fusion sound.

The Boost mode accessible with the footswitch allows you to gain dBs on the gain channel, while shaping the sound. It's perfect for solos, but also to give the riffs more energy.

This amp is very good and is self-sufficient, you can do without any pedals and multi-effects to get a precise and classic sound that will cut through a mix easily.

I use it with a US Strat and the music leads on!
Depending on my mood, I sometimes use it with a TC-Electonic nova system in the loop (parallel), setting the loop to 100%.
The sound turns much more modern, more FM rock, less classic, but it remains precise.


I've had this amp for almost a year, but I have the impression of having owned it forever, it has become a part of me. In comparison, all other amps seem dull or artificial.
I have tested quite a lot of amps...But I prefer mine, its sound seems more "organic," more versatile, without compromises.

What I like most: The sound's precision and dynamic response, but also the two fully independent channels, which offer a remarkable versatility without compromising the sound in the slightest.
What I like least: Way too much power for rehearsals, which forces me to use an attenuator.

You can find it secondhand for about $1000. It's a safe bet from a mythical brand worth its reputation in terms of manufacturing quality and reliability.
Excellent value for money secondhand, its price almost doesn't go down, it's a great investment!
Sometimes I even regret not having bought this amp before...