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By Qill, 13/11/2013
Tube amp: 4x6L6 for power, 5x12AX7 for 1x5U4 preamp to rectify
3 channels with 3 each way with one option, one with clean fashion Clean / Fat / Tweed Bold option, with one crunch fashion Edge / Crunch / Mark I option Thick, 1 drive with Mark IIC + / MarK IV / Extreme Bright Mode option
10/45/90w 1 switch per channel
1 reverb resort per channel 1 switch diode / tube for channel 1 & 2 and Pentode / Triode for channel 3
1 Gain knob, Master, Presence, Bass, Treble, Middle channel
1 5-band equalizer and preset selection
1 effects loop
1 volume and 1 output Solo button (general volume) button
1 tuner output
1 HP C90 Black Shadow Mesa Boogie by Celestion
All handmade in U.S.


I use everything in 45w mode, reverb, Tube mode, the EQ


The clean channel is good but not great, I have a preference for Fat Bold mode option as the config Petrucci ... but I found that compared to a clean Fender kind there is not, I has the Deluxe 65 and I still prefer my Fender in this role that is clearer and more dynamic with a vintage touch, despite what is the best of my knowledge Mesa clean if I compare the Roadster, the Tweed fashion begins to crunch but there focus is not rendering a 57 Tweed was not nervous, that side a little muddy and slightly fuzzy surly ... This is the natural extension of the drive clean it stays neat and clean, but the mode is still nice
The crunch channel Mark I mode is super interresting it looks like Marshall hormone made in the U.S. it can be a little boxy / dark but I like it very melodic and it's still vintage in the grain is straight and very own any notes stand is impressive, it has a good dynamic nothing to do with the Vintage channel Mini Rectifier also said the knaki Maxi
The drive channel so now I have two modes of preference you Mark IIC + for the next Metallica old School and the Mark IV for the next Dream Theater so that these modes justify the purchase of the amp alone was philosophy both the modern and vintage, it's clean clear sharp ... it is squarely at the source of Metal in this channel, there is not shit or squirm ...


Mesa quoted as saying I had the Mini Rectifier, the Rectoverb the Roadster and then this one, into one, there is the panard one is squarely in the Rolls then with other December Mesa without it a little Twingo price of the Mercedes, I would not say that the Roadster is the top of the Rectifier
With the Mark V was a very versatile amp built for modern rock, metal, but not that ... we have a clean which is above the other series and a crunch channel MarK I worthy of a Marshall ... therefore usable channel 3 what more
After there price then € 3000 you forget immediately after HAND 1500 € it does it better
This is an amp that I would keep in my config complement Vintage impossible to make as complete, best quality and most ...


By e-bou, 05/02/2013
see documentation.


Easier than you think. It is not more complicated than the mark set V three separate amps, or three times the same amp for three different sounds. So do not worry about the mass of buttons. There are a number for each channel fairly ordinary settings.


I play on an old Telecaster with a soft, for a Telecaster.
Channel 1: The way fat is my favorite with the bold option. It gives a velvety quite enjoyable for the neck pickup jazz, funk on both pickups. The tweed is fat, saturates slightly, I prefer to use the second channel for crunch sounds.

Channel 2: Channel blues! Impressive. We manage the level of crunch with the gain and master knobs. It is more difficult to adjust,'m still not quite to the point of this option canal.mode mark 1 mark 1 and normal.

Channel 3: Mark IV mode, normal and gain high enough. Santana is not far. Finally, he had opted for a Telecaster.

But more importantly, the equalizer output, how wonderful! I can not believe it. The "solo" is also great. It was actually a kind of second volume knob. Is adjusted so the two buttons and two levels of the switching from one to the other of the toe.


To play in an apartment, it's great with the volume. How others do not they think? This is crazy! It has a great sound to work without waking the cat! This is beautiful.

For small rooms, it is ideal for the same reason, we can do heat lamps and lower sound. It seems so simple.

For large rooms, careful not to cover the sound ;-) was quick to release. But if the conductor grimace, do not worry, just turn down the sound without changing anything else in its settings across all channels. It's amazing how it restores the smile around!

I play big band with drums, bass, percu, two keyboards, seven or eight brass (two trumpets, two flutes Transverse. Funk From? Channel 1 and it is clear. A solo? Hop, the magic button. Was happening on a boogie, and channel 2 to pass copper channel 3 with a gain to melt the ice. everywhere I go without touching anything with the nine sounds underfoot. pedal-board is the in the closet, and I go Now with a single jack, and without any battery in my bag.

The Grail has a price. In occase is more accessible, but it is quick to spend the savings lamps, there is a package. We still three amps for the price of one, and one sees Pedals shops that exceed 500 euros. That puts the price of the beast. I played for 25 years on my Boogie Studio 22-channel engineering, sounds breathtaking for such a small box, but I did not have enough headroom with brass, and not enough accuracy levels between clean / saturated. Well the mark V is all, much better. I had a music man 112, and I played on some other (fender silverface, more modern as supersonic). The Mark V is any better, and so much more convenient ...

Before making your choice, remember that weighs 30 kg (but well balanced, unlike a twin), the wheels are not too many. Do not buy this amp if you are in an apartment without a lift, or it will soon be in the classifieds section, sold due health problem (ouch my back!). Apart from the issue of weight he shares with most quality amps, it is incomparable. I do not see what could make me change outside even with 20 kg less.

Strong Feature Set

By SonicPulverizer, 29/08/2012
The Mark V is an incredibly versatile amplifier solution, offering three distinctly voiced channels covering a plethora of tones ranging from telecaster friendly cleans to highly saturated lead tones. It is possible to select the wattage rating for each channel from 10, 45, and 90 watts. The amp can be switched between pentode and triode operation on channel 3 to further fine tune the feel of the gain. You have some control over diode or tube rectification on channels 1 and 2 but it is only available in the 45 watt mode. The onboard reverb can be set for each channel separately as well. The Mark V runs on Mesa's own 6L6 tubes. I enjoyed the build of the foot switch and it's ability to both mute the amp and defeat the reverb.


I found the MkV to be challenging to dial in at times. While it is not difficult to find a pleasant sound using generic settings, the amp took a great deal of adjusting to get it just right. The included graphic EQ is essential for coaxing higher gain tones from the amp. The 1x12 is plenty loud but lacks the low end emphasis that you may desire. I favored running the combo through an external 4x12 cab.


Played primarily through a Gibson Les Paul Studio Premium Plus. No pedals.

I found the clean channel to be beautiful and 3 dimensional. The onboard reverb really brought out the charm of this channel and made it one of my personal favorites of the amp. The fat setting delivers a useable amount of low end while the tweed option introduces some gainy characteristics for Vox-like sounds.

Channel 2 was the most difficult to dial in. I found the edge setting to be mostly useless, the crunch setting delievered a very warm iteration of the classic Marshall mid gain sounds. The Mk1 setting had a cool vibe to it but I felt too often that it's lowend was the least intelligible.

Channel 3 was very simple to dial in. The Mkiic+ mode, while being more restrained than the Mkiv or Extreme settings, was the absolute star of the show. It is possible to get singing lead tones even with the gain set relatively low. The bright switch added a sweetness to the sound that had me leaving it engaged almost permanently. Introducing a smile curve on the graphic EQ allows for a lot more aggressiveness. The Mkiv mode allowed for more saturation without having to push the gain quite as high. The Extreme mode followed adding only a subtle amount of extra saturation and aggression to the mix-- but seemed the least articulate of the three.


The Mark is a beautiful amp, both visually and aurally. The control layout is clean and well thought out.
It's feature set is very strong for the current market. It is a world class channel switcher and it's only competition are mostly amps that dwarf it's price point (such as the Bogner Ecstasy). Excellent value for money, excellent design methodologies, excellent amp. While I found very little use for some of the sounds offered, that by no means renders them unnecessary and I'm pleased to see the amount of options offered. If I purchased the amp again I would choose a head to pair with a 4x12. But if you are looking for a combo exclusively, you'll still be very pleased.

The best of Mesa Boogie in one portable package.

By racerevlon, 25/08/2012
The Mesa Boogie Mark V combo is a 6L6-based all-tube three channel combo that not only encapsulates the best of the Mesa Boogie heritage, but also is so tweakable that you can coax just about any tone from it. Whether you play all original music or nothing but covers, this amp is incredibly flexible. Each channel is independently configurable to run at the full 90 watts, 45 watts, or 10 watts. The only thing really missing from this amp that would make it PERFECT instead of just high-scoring is the absence of MIDI.


It is incredibly easy to get a good sound out of this amp but the issue is that there are so many great sounds; which one do you choose?

There is a somewhat daunting number of controls on this amp, all intended to provide the ultimate in tonal flexibility. However, just imagine that there are so many controls on the front panel that they have to put the reverb and triode/pentode switches on the back. Each channel has three modes to choose from and are foot-switchable, as is the effects loop, reverb, EQ, amp mute, and solo boost. This makes for a larger than normal 8-button foot switch, but it is easily stored in the back of the combo (once you learn the trick). You can only pick from one of the modes for each channel, selectable by a mini-toggle switch on the front of the amp. Also present is the familiar Mark Series 5-band graphic EQ on the front.

All of the above shouldn't keep you from trying this amp though. The controls are easy enough to quickly master and from that point, the tone flows...


I originally took two guitars to the Mesa Hollywood store to check out the Mesa Road King combo. Ended up checking out the Roadster instead of the Road King, then, just as I was about to leave, they suggested I check out the Mark V just for grins. This amp is UNBELIEVABLE. I played it through my Ibanez RG760 with Dimarzio Super 3 bridge and Fast Track 2 Neck, and my mahogany Ibanez Artist with Dimarzio PAF 36th Anniversary bridge and Air Norton neck, in both humbucker and single-coil mode with my installed push-pull coil splitting volume potentiometer. I couldn't make this thing sound bad. Every sound you've ever heard is in there. There are three channels with three selectable modes each. The cleans on channel 1 go from clean, shimmering, and sparkling, to fat and jazzy, to just broken up "cheap dirt." Channel two takes you into the 70's and 80's with everything from Santana to Satriani. Channel 3 is your heavy gain channel and just piles it on with everything from Dream Theater to unbelievable amounts of gain on the "Extreme" setting. You can choose between using the 5-band EQ or a Mid-Contour EQ... or no EQ... this is possibly the most flexible combo I've ever used. Each channel has three selectable power modes: 10w, 45w, or 90w, meaning you can have your clean channel on 90w for maximum headroom, have your crunch channel at 10w for a great touch-responsive crunch, and have channel 3 on 45w for the best of both worlds. Included foot switch means all you'd really need is any effects to go in the effects loop (also foot-switchable). You can also select between a full-power and Variac mode that gives that nice power sag. Bottom line, the Road King, while allowing for the mix of different power tubes, isn't really worth the extra $1000, and the Roadster (for the same price as the Mark 5) just seemed to lack character.


With the ability to run this into a 4x12, it's possible you may never need anything else. Best amp I've ever played in this price range. The only other combo I've play that comes as close tonally and/or flexibly is the Hughes & Kettner Switchblade. There is a trade-off; while the Switchblade has MIDI capabilities, it doesn't have the selectable power modes. While the Switchblade has on-board effects, it doesn't have the vast tone-shaping abilities of the Mark V. Having owned both, I actually stuck with the Hughes & Kettner because of the MIDI capabilities and on-board effects. I think that while the Mark V combo is an amazing amp, the options the amp offers don't quite justify the price tag. However, if you're a fan of Mesa Boogie, this may be all the amp you ever need.
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