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Orange Rocker 30

Tube Combo Guitar Ampfrom the Orange Rocker 30 series

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By tomaya, 22/12/2012
EL 34 12AX7, pure british, simple circuit and well in UK. Vintage 30's suffolk, not China. HP gaffe in China is the stew by the R30 against any danger.


Very simple, solid, like a little bull by heavy cons and that is, normal, this is a very good point.'s Transformers are very good, so heavy.

Manuel? ah ah, no need, everything is recorded on the knobs.

sound? ah ah ah!


I play everything, and the sound of this little thing is hell, why? because it is THE sound lights and nothing else, and this is where we can clearly see the difference with transistors. The EL 34 r30 exploits of very crude way and that's awesome.
on the other hand, thus the R30 wants to eat: a good scratch, that's for sure, I played on a PRS CE24 long, it is give and take, a good scraper is great in this amp returned .

I love all the sounds of the cube, I added a 2 * 30 below (also orange) is hell.

I play a lot of distortion (from blues to heavy) the dirty is frankly very wide page (led zep 1) hammet, but with a fulltone ocd behind, PAN! ah ah!


I bought brighton 550 pounds in 2005, I fell in love with her, literally, I had to bring a big Marshall departing, and now ...

I recommend this amp at all, it is very simple and well built ... girls, attention to weight! he broke his back.

on the other hand, consider changing lamps every 2/3 years (it depends of course) will screw up the dirty at a time, the EL 34 are all in the bulb, it is normal.
I never changed the 3 AX7 currently.

advice for those who want the very big sound: put it on a 2 * 2 * 2 or 4 orange is perfect.

Simply legendary!

By thony54120, 27/07/2012
What kind of amplification (lamp, transistor, ...)?

What is the power delivered?
30W Class A

What connection?
A guitar input
2 output 8ohms
An output 16ohms

What are the settings, the effects?
2 channels: Clean / Dirty
One volume for the clean
3-band EQ, volume and gain for the Dirty


The configuration is simple?
Conernant is how clean the ... saying childish. Volume, I have never seen an amp that simple. I even lost when I use the other.
The dirty, a little more difficult compared to clean.

Do you get a good sound easy?
I do not see the interest as dune question, there is no bad sound on this Orange. I use it constantly with clean, it's my guitar and my effects that alter the sound.

The manual is clear and sufficient?
I have not seen the manual, at least I have no memory and I've never had any use.


Will it fit your style of music?
Ah very good question, I am very "boring" for the sounds I want. In general, I play casiment all styles of music can I go to a beautiful clean a large metal.
It keeps in all cases the warmth and roundness of the sound, but it swallows all the pedals I give him, as for the guitars.

With what (s) guitar (s) / low (s) or effect (s) do you play?
It took a lot of guitars:
- Ibanez SAS, Sabre, SZR, Jem;
- Gretsch: G5120
- Epiphone: Tribute
- Blade Texas Standard
On the effects, as mentioned above, he accepts it all. I have not seen a single pedal he did not like in 3 years.

What types of sounds you get and with what settings ("crystalline", "fat", ....)?
Just find the pedal or guitar and you'll get the sound you want easily. Do not forget that it keeps its characteristic sound so warm and round for clean rather slamming the Fender is difficult.

What are the sounds you prefer, you hate?
I will talk about sound in terms of clean or dirty, no effects added.
I begin with the sound I do not like it because after having my vox, I finally gave up the kind of clean Fender Beatles, Hendrix etc.. When he, yeah he does well but next to a vox ...
I love the sounds, the Gretsch with Dirty while playing the ZZ Top. In the kind "I have the sound of Gibbons' yeah quite frankly is was very confusing.
The rock, the blues a little round or harder to ACDC is just beautiful. Noted that Angus has played a very short time on Orange before being Marshall.


How long you use it?
Since 3 years and this is just the beginning.

What is so special that you love the most, least?
Frankly, everything. This is my first Orange, I do not really know the brand and the sounds that came out today and I do not want under any circumstances to part with it.
What I like most is the side P & P, because I do not use much the Dirty, a single volume knob is enough for me very well. As long as the guitar is good, I manage my saturation with it.

Did you tried many other models before buying it?
So to be honest, this is my first full lamp. I can already hear the critics arrive like "it begins well, it means he has expensive tastes." Just look at the price I paid nine to understand that I jumped at the chance.
More seriously, then I tried a lot of amp full lamp and although I am big fan of Vox for example, the Orange will never leave me.

How would you rate the quality / price?
For me, € 677 new, 3yr warranty ... I have trouble finding such a quality / price ratio. On its normal value ie about 1200 €, the value for money is fine, but nothing. The prestige of the brand that appear in the price anyway. Do not forget this is a Made In England.

With experience, you do again this choice?
No need to answer this question because it is so obvious. For information, I go on a stack and I was so afraid of not finding this version in mind that I preferred to find the head before selling the combo is to say ...

Orange makes a problem

By iggy25, 05/04/2012
30W all-tube amp
Made in UK (assembly and component quality and inspire confidence)
HP celestion vintage
2 channels: clean with just one volume, a "dirty" EQ with bass, mid, high gain and volume.
The 30W are gnflés to steroids and the only comparison in terms of power I can do is with the AC30.


To be simple is simple ...
Equalization settings are ultra-efficient found the right sound quickly whatever the level of gain.
In his clear bin and you plug you play.


start with the clear sound: surprise ... it is quite frankly, it happens not to the sharpness of my Fender Vibrolux but it's super easy on the ear. A little dry high enough in the media ideal for short or funk rhythm. The sound remains clear until mid stroke volume knob before you start and then it sends cruncher already very strong (not always the drummer banged like crazy ...)
Dirty channel: here lies the strength of the beast ... it is the BEAUTIFUL HEAVY DYNAMIC is in short everything you would expect from an Orange amp. The grain goes from blues to hard rock.


The rocker 30 is built for all the Rock n 'Roll Fucking.
Great sound and ultra-simple operation that makes you want to express themselves without going to pauffiné three leaden sound.
Too bad the clean channel is not as a gain setting for crunch and distortion on the same amp but already has good orange AD30 for that.

SOUND !!!!!

By cycodead, 29/12/2011
All Tube Amp
2 channels: clear and saturated
30w (is that enough?)
no effects loop (anyway, I know not to use it and I do not like the effects)
no reverb (rather boring, that)
there's no easier for settings: no EQ for the clean channel EQ and 3 buttons for saturation, a button dirty (I like the term) and another dirty volume gain, here, we will not nab a headache with it. I put 8 because of the lack of reverb
no footswitch is Pluot medium (the seller gave me a marshall footswitch to go with, he said he would have trouble having an orange, and should I sell it, it ' is slightly abused here)


The configuration is it simple? MOUAHAHAH !!!!! I spend good.
there's no manual, anyway, who cares, when you trying an amp, you will not read the manual before.

Do you get a good sound easy? bin, euuuh, I would like another, would blame her for one of m. .. e!


I play rock at the Hellacopters or stooges, some see the stoner metal, bin, it sounds everywhere, attention, metal, pantera is not either, but the first Metallica album, it can do a little fair, but it does!

I play a les paul studio (the first, not the dung now), and this amp is made for her! It looks like she has a bad temper with!

In rhythm, it has a nice presence to accompany the bass (I play in a trio), and immediately had a solo, it is clear from the lot without having to add a volume pedal to be heard. The harmonic whistle well without "force" and has a grain really .... dirty while being very "clean", not runny for 2 cents, so his English!

For the stoner, it's a slaughter, giving a lower tone, rhythms seem heavier, very dynamic, awesome, I even made the doom, no problem.

With the les paul, I play with the gain pushed to 3 / 4, more, the sound does not change and made the guitar feedback of all sides, it's boring!

on the other hand, where it is painful, is the lack of reverb, not punk or stoner, but for the rockab '! I had to buy a Danelectro slap back, I'm not care a terrible buzz when I do not play, horrible! And the rockab ', this amp goes well, the gain of the saturation below the half, my gretsch rings of fire god, with a micro diharmmond Electromatic. It's not a fender, but it will just as well with another personality, against, to invest in a good or a good slap back reverb pedal '.

For its clear, I couple with a vox bulldog, and here I am metal. J'équalize from the pedal, it sends, but that's another story ...


I use this amp for 4 years and soon, repeating 'in concert, and each time, I am his. I part company with all groups who play with us with a particular sound is class!

The 30w is more than sufficient, I easily deal with jvm45 100w or mesa boogie f50! and I should not I carry around a piece of furniture for the sound is great!

I did not buy by chance, at some point, I amp lugging a different week in rehearsal ', until ... orange, I did not know, made an appearance, it was the revelation: D The sound has more to all group members, it's still rare.

I do it again the same choice again but it would be nice if it was a little cheaper.
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  • Model:Rocker 30
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  • Category:Tube Combo Guitar Amps
  • Added in our database on: 11/20/2004

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