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User Review

Nice combo for tone and money - Reviews Randall RG50TC

Randall is a company that has taken the modular preamps by storm. They have build a market for preamp swapping that has ignited the guitar players around the the world. Though this amp is not a modular design it still incorporates the sound and tone that makes Randall power amp a thing of the future.

This is one classy combo amplifier. This design has two channels with three modes. The overdrive channel has a vintage and modern switch. It has external speaker outputs to hook into a 2x12, 4x12, or any other separate speaker cabinet.


RG50TC - combo

* 50 watts
* 1 X 12” Celestion Seventy 80
* Two EL34 power tubes
* Four 12AX7EH’s
* Two Channels w/4 modes
* Dual gain stages:
* Gain 1- Classic hi-gain rhythm
* Gain 1- Modern hi-gain lead
* Clean Channel w/boost function
* Spring reverb
* Series effects loop
* 8/16 ohm external speaker outs
* Line output
* Includes 4-button footswitch


The 50 watt version is a little bit more spongy than the 100. SImply because there will be lesl headroom and the amp with distort quicker. Their distortion channels is what Randall does well. These two channels or one with a twist has enough gain for just about anybody out there. It is a thick and juicy distortion that is great for chugging and lead riffing. Randall makes one of the best distortion in the business and this is one of them.

The clean on Randall are somewhat unique to my ears. They have a Marshall or British style voicing to them that is not that appealing to me. I have never liked a Randall clean channel. It is better than a Splawn that is for sure. The clean is sort of a harder clean that doesn't sound that glassy to me or even reminiscent of a Fender tube amp.


At new these amps come in at around $560, which is a good deal for a solid tube amp with multiple channels. You can find them on the used market as well for much less.

I would recommend this amp to someone who wants a decent clean channel and an over the top distortion channel for vintage playing styles ad new modern playing. This amp is very versatile and will serve its user quite well.