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User Review

Personal incompatibility or problem? - Reviews Vox AC15C1

Everything has been said, no need to return.


Use single arch given the few parameters.
I get a good sound? Well, not really ...


Here we are! Note that I have tested this combo in order to buy it.
I had taken care to bring one of my Les Paul to discern that which, in the sound was due to the amp.
This test has revealed a combo with which I have no affinity.
I think the clear sound as well lack of precision of definition and the Crunch is sorely lacking in clarity. I have long believed that the tremolo was in action, top boost, as each agreement plated neck pickup produced this effect. Well no! As if HP proved unable to cash or the amplifier section could correctly the HP driver. The seller tried R08 with LP and the result was the same: a sound as possible and to draft a membrane HP seemed uncontrolled.
But the seller does nothing seemed surprised and felt that everything was normal. I am willing to believe and conclude that I am incompatible with the AC15.


I have of course not finalized the purchase and walked away quietly without combo.
This Vox me a bit like the Celestion V30: two products that have an amazing popularity when I personally find the most mediocre.

So do not get upset about the "useless review" button: I quite right not love this combo and say it!