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User Review

The Panard! - Reviews Vox AC15C1

Vox AC15 C1 is a tube amp made in England by now become unavoidable if at least very famous!

It is therefore a tube amp with two separate entrances circuits (Normal and Top Boost) and a tremolo and reverb built. At the rear, there are two entries:
- Connecting the footswitch (not included!) To turn reverb and tremolo
- Output for external speaker
Nothing very revolutionary at the same time that's why we take it! The receiver is stamped 15W 15W lamps but Vox! The sound is expelled through a speaker 12 "Celestion G12M Greenback (as opposed to the AC15 C1x that has a Celestion Blue Bulldog ... his best it seems ...)
The settings, from left to right level are: a master volume, and tone cut to mitigate treble frequencies and give a thicker sound. Then the part tremolo with two knobs: depth (depth) and speed (speed), then a single knob "level" for the reverb. Settings circuit, meanwhile, are few: bass, treble and volume for the top boost channel, and only one volume for the normal channel. Finally, the two inputs to the various channels.
Note that volumes are output level and gain, which provides a natural saturation from light boost, the free overdrive. Just play between the channel volume and master volume!
"What are we going to do with that?" I think you mean ... Well look below!


Because of its small number of settings, the Vox AC15 is a very easy to use amp. On the normal channel, one branch, the volume is adjusted (if the reverb and, why not, the tremolo) and it's already time to play! If the top boost channel is selected, no fencing is very long on the bass and treble: moreover, they are relatively inconspicuous compared to Fender Hot Rod (I speak from what I know).
The manual has not been delivered to me I can not say if it is clear but I do know, however, it is not necessary.
Very easy to sound good is obtained, if the EC is what search! Many of my influences that one day or another played on this series (the AC30 C2), I knew in advance that it would please me!


Then there is the splayfooted (hence the title)! I did not need more to finally get the sound I had in my ears since forever!
I use the amp with a standard guitar SG with P90 (microphones simple rods to double).
I was looking for an amp that excelled in rock, blues, pop and old. The AC series has largely contributed to the sounds I was looking for a long time.
The effectiveness of settings allows you to have thick and clear melodic tones (arpeggios Peter Buck REM), or typically byrdsiens sounds (the "jangle") with single coil pickups. The ability to adjust subtly gain level by the volume gives a terrible sound that just treble frequencies saturate ... great!
The crunch Vox is superb! The normal channel is perfect for arpeggios hell or to give a good shot of the pump suites agreements.
As for the top boost channel, it saturates rapidly enough, and provides a larger dose of gain. Unfortunately, it gets a little too rough from 8/10 but when you need more gain, both take a pedal.
The reverb is quality but should not push it too because it loses beauty. If you do not exceed 8, then this is great.
The tremolo is also excellent. I wish it could be faster, but it's still awesome and down when the depth, subtle and beautiful effect is obtained.
Finally, the Tone Cut allows you to filter the treble frequencies and therefore thicken the sound without losing definition as the tone on the guitar. It completely changes the type of sound, it is still necessary and can not be otherwise at least get a sound a little too loud.


I use it for over a year and I have not been disappointed (except in the extreme). I have owned several amps transistors and lamps (Orange Crush 15, Fender Frontman 15, Fender Hot Rod Deluxe). I got the AC15 in exchange for the Hot Rod, too busy acute and not enough body even with 40W. Now I've found my home and I do not think the leaving anytime soon!
What I like about this amp is THE sound that has always been my idols and I finally found! More little adjustment to rediscover the sound of his guitar, and the possibilities of its knobs!
What I like least? Well, perhaps unable to change channels with a switch, you must use a pedal for that A / B and connect the two channels to power the switcher quickly. This is a problem of scene ...
The price is quite low for the power output and sound quality. Purchased used, this is a bargain!
With experience, I would do this choice without hesitation! My project from now: give me Big Brother Handwired Vox AC30C2 hand made in the UK!