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User Review

REALLY AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!! - Reviews Vox AC15C1

everything was already said to be on great amp, it's lights 15 watts of power, two separate channels normal channel and top boost channel
reverse, great tremolo as well


There is no easier way have turn the knobs to find are his
frankly not require manual


it is very versatile, jazz blues rock of the 60 70 nothing to prevent adding pedals me personally I add a metal muff and a Blackstar HT distx
it is perfect for my style
I love everything about this amp
I have a 2005 sg standard playing on the tones of my shovel is happiness


I use it for my four, I try the Junior Blues March 1st vox I remember it more so mark me, I love everything about this amp
unbeatable value for money
Junior blues I find it had not assai horn and too much treble for my taste
if it again I will redeem