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Reviews Tube Guitar Amp Head

Orange OR15 Review

With a Strong Fruit Flavor Every day that goes by it is more obvious that the famous Orange Tiny Terror turned the guitar amplification market upside down. It started a trend (a very positive one, if you ask me) for affordable, high-quality and low-power amps. In spite of the huge number of products in this segment, Orange is still the leading player when it comes to low-power tube amps. read more…

Orange Jim Root Terror #4 Review

Orange and Black It might seem incredible but, up to this day, Orange had never offered a signature amp. But now the Jim Root #4 has changed things for good! So it's time for us to put the focus on this small black animal. read more…

EVH 5150III Review

Eddy Van Houten? When Fender launched a new amplifier featuring a new "EVH" logo and the traditional "F" next to the 5150 III logo, questions were certain to rise. Rumors said this new monster is made for metal. There are too many secrets surrounding this new amp — it's time for me to jump into my van and find out the truth. read more…

User reviews on Tube Guitar Amp Head products

Great Amp- Boutique Tones (Carvin - VL2100 LEGACY II)

By Christopher M. McBurney, 06/08/2019
Vai, Ben Fargen, & Carvin deserve credit for delivering boutique tones at production prices. Ive had Soldanos, Bogners (still have my Ecstacy), Carvins, Peaveys, Marshalls, etc, and the Legacy 2 is a legit big league amp with boutique tones. It does EQ differently than many amps, but you are rewarded with very impressive tones. Its a very warm and organic feeling amp. A beautiful warm clean channel, a richly overdriven "dirty clean" channel (up to tweed overdrive in general), and a very unique, true boutique caliber lead channel. Into a Legacy 4x12 w/V30s, it sings beautifully. For the $1200 to $1300 a Legacy 2 half stack usually commands (with true boutique brand half stacks would be triple the cost used), it's a ridiculuously good value. If you cant make the Legacy 2 sound good, you dont know how to play. Damn nice amp.

Really Great Amp!! (Marshall - 1923)

By kreepcamp, 02/08/2019
I own it for a couple of month from now, i've use the DSL before and it's kind of the same but even with the same setting it does't sound exacly the same. I do prefer my 1923 but it's not a huge difference. It's kind of a limited run of dsl with a little kick!

Effects loop (Hughes & Kettner - TubeMeister 36 Head)

By lsmith6161, 30/06/2019
I am considering buying a used Hughes & Kettner Tube Meister 36. I am not able to get the effects loop to work. I have a cable running from the output on the chorus pedal to the send on the amp and a cable from the return on the amp to the input on the chorus pedal. I get sound with the pedal off, however, when I activate the pedal I get nothing. Any thought?

News Tube Guitar Amp Head

Jet City Amplification JCA45

Published on 05/02/16
Jet City Amplification has announced the JCA45, a JTM45-style amp, and organises a special group sale at Indiegogo

Panama presents Fuego X amplifier

Published on 04/19/16

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Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 18 Head

$390.79 Reverb classified ad


$1,726.04 Reverb classified ad