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Egnater Rebel-30

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I love

By mrfux70, 27/07/2014
For it was all over the net, then a keyboards ;-)


Personally, we find the sound to his repertoire.
Blues, reggea, pop, rock, hard rock ..... for the rest be a distortion. After when buying this kind of amp is not for metal .... lol
The switch brigth so its perfect, I love this vintage side.


it agree my style (multi), these settings are very important not like other brand or application What are some switch.
The sounds can be very clear fenderiens (to give an example) but more can Distant san if we do not try this brigth side .... but lower.
The OD channel must know the master, I read compress, vintage too so yeah it depends. A shot brigth bass is mounted affine the middle plays with gain and master and off. By exdemple for fans od style, or TS9 keeley Db2, well I happen to these sounds, what do I have eliminated a lot of the pedal stroke. No sudden change in my od and my channel. Or also in the style Plexitone which allows me to boost my carl martin plexiton just with my od, or otherwise ..... I personally love


I for 3 years, I couple with a 212XX Tourmaster and it is a treat, even if desfois my 410 deville entrenchment in these I miss, but it I must think a jensen 410 firm as the head will .
A word ;-)

Very good in a not too modern register

By Solid sunset, 22/04/2014
See website builder.


It is very easy to tinker with his sound but two things will disturb the user:
the mix of power tubes and knob "power"

In the first case we must remember that the color of the amp is more power in the preamp. It goes by Fender Marshall by turning a knob. A good volume (mid stroke) switch the 6V6 to EL84 you will feel the difference in addition to the volume subtly tint your sound. U.S. rather in one case and in the other british.

DNAS the second case is also in the subtlety. There is no power Brake. it is a given to give more or less diet amp volume. Less Diet (1 W) = crunch faster its less tense, less compressed, more flexible and "spongy" system 30 watt = the opposite ...

Again you can hear at least from mid race volume knobs.

To make it simple: you take a box. You can go 60km / h in first, second or third. you will note in passing the difference in terms of driving, recovery, family etc ...


Not a lot of headroom (30 watts huh ..) but a very nice clean sound in spite of everything: it's beautiful, it's hot A mention for the reverb it sounds a little tad cramped!.

saturated, it stops at classic rock, for me it's not going to Hard. I think the grain and fat and a little compressed. It's not Marshall.ça has personality.


I used about 4 months. I'm never satisfied and I opted for a JCM depuis.J 'in fond memories. Good maté worth the price.

A little big amp!

By vinz115, 24/03/2013
All feature are easy to find I spend this chapter.

I justify my good score because I find the features of this amp quite unique practices. Format I are talking so much power that it has size strictly speaking are still very good points as this amp can follow you in the studio, again, on stage (with or without sound) at home in a room short the perfect companion.


All sounds are good!

The race offers a beautiful knobs wealth of possibility, but no adjustment is not got music.

The few original features of the Rebel 30 is the possibility to adjust the channel power output stage from 1 to 30 watts, and the possibility to choose between 6V6 or EL84 or any mixture of the two and the 2 swicth channel "bright" & "tight" are more subtle or blatant TRUE it is simply delicious! Opening a world of sonic possibilities.

Note that those who criticize the possibility of lowering the power of 1 to 30 or those who do not hear the difference between the lamps, I humbly suggest you read the instructions Bruce Egnater explains everything there is to know the above . But everything works fine and walk successfully with these features are those in any gadgets!

Another small addition to the Rebel and the three switch that allows to switch on the mode "silent record" and it works incredibly well! I pull on a mixer and monitor zoom and frankly it is stunning. I confirm that the sound is taken after the power stage so it keeps all the sonic potential. In practice I can play at night with the lights pushed correctly.


Channel 1 is wonderful!

it can be crystalline, as it can be warm. I do not compare with a Fender or a JTM45. But for me it is the happiness bar!
It eats pedals with great success, and headroom is more than enough to cover a battery without getting dirty ...

Channel 2
Again this is happiness, the race is great gain, we share a beautiful and clean at the end is the heavy rock without worry.
With EMG 81/60 clings records that metal but the philosophy of this channel is very rock for my taste, with a boost pedal anything is possible, I personally have not bought this amp for high gain but my TS9 password very well to spice it up!


I've tested a lot of things with this amp (pedals, cabinet).

He eats pedals like a chef!
It goes very well on the speakers that I have glued (412 G12K100, 412V30, 212 Budda Phat) respecting the character and well HP and guitars.
It is versatile and powerful enough to play in 98% of the conditions faced by the majority of guitarists.
Prices and qualities that are .... I'll wait for a little backwards to give my opinion but regarding cosmetic rendering it seems well made. It blows a bit on channel 1 on the 2. I personally do not find it alarming.


By Fireguy8402, 19/11/2011
The Egnater Rebel 30 is the answer from Bruce Egnater when customers wanted more from their Rebel 20s. The Rebel 30 still has the tube mix knob that allows you to blend between all 6V6 tubes or all EL84 and everywhere in between. 12AX7s are in the preamp. This amp is a two channel head that has a variable wattage control on each channel letting you crank from 1 watt to 30 watts on each channel. The clean channel has volume, bass, and treble, while the overdrive channel adds a middle and gain knob. Both channels have Egnaters signature “Tight” and “Bright” switches. The Tight switch tightens up the bottom end of the amp and the Bright adds extra sparkle to the high end. There are individual reverb controls on each channel with a spillover feature which is footswitchable. A buffered effects loop is included for use with outboard effects. Egnater also added a line/xlr out for silent recording or live use without needing to mic the cab.


This amp is lightweight and easy to transport. It’s hard to find an amp with low wattage with this many features and to have it actually sound great too is just unbelievable. The amp is covered in two tone tolex which looks very classy and the knobs and switches are sturdy. It’s a well built amp and it looks great. The XLR out is very handy in a gig situation where stage volume can be an issue. This amp actually lets you get the sound from the head and take it straight to the board without the need of a cab being hooked up. This is a first for a tube amp as far as I know because most, if not all, other tube amps need a speaker load or damage will occur to the head, not this amp. This allows you to get those cranked tube amp tones without blowing the windows out of small clubs. You may not think 30 watts is much power but this amp is very loud, with a 412 cabinet it can get unbearably loud. The wattage control on each channel doesn’t change the volume much, think of it more like a clean headroom control.


The clean channel on this amp is to die for. I’ve never had an amp that sounded this great clean. You can get Fender sounds or Vox tones depending on how you set the tube mix knob, or mix the two for a hybrid sound. The distortion on this head is very British sounding, though the tube mix knob isn’t as effective on this channel. Definitely more Marshall sounding than Mesa Boogie. Having a 30 watt head you can really get those power tubes cooking and get those fat saturated tones without blasting away. The reverb, though digital, sounds very lush and warm. To have two great channels in one head is just amazing, usually one channel is considerably lacking. If I had to chose which channel is the worst, I’d have to go with the dirty channel. Not because it is lacking, but because the clean channel is just so good. It takes a little more tweaking to get the dirty sound right.


The Egnater Rebel 30 is great amp all around. It is way louder than I expected it to be, but also sounds way bigger than it’s size would make you expect. The tone of the amp can only be met by the portability and the great features of this amp. I didn’t know tones this great could come out of a package so small. I’ve played this through the Rebel 112 cab, Avatar 2 12 cabs, and Marshall 412 cabs and it sounds great through all of them. (The Rebel 112 cab’s original speaker seemed a bit stiff so I replaced it with a 25 watt Greenback and it’s much better ) The price is a bit steep, but you are getting something that sounds great and hopefully will last a long time. I’ve only had mine for a few months, but other than a tube change every now and again I don’t see anything obvious that would worry me about failure. Egnater also throws in a padded gig bag for the amp to keep that sweet two tone tolex looking brand new gig after gig. Nice touch Egnater.
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