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Egnater Tweaker Head

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Les Paul - Hot - Modern - USA - Deep - Bright - Gain Max
Telecaster - Hot - Modern - Brit - Tight - Bright - Gain 3h - Master 3h
Stratocaster - Clean - Vintage - USA - Deep - Normal
Telecaster - Hot - Vintage - Brit - Deep - Normal - Gain 3h - Master 3h

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User Reviews

It's very heavy! ;)

By DjCaylus, 23/10/2013
Full amp lamps.

15watts with switch 16/8/4ohm

Two Jack outputs

Settings: volume / gain / A Bass equalizer / med / Temble / Switch Standy By

Then a series of switches let you shape your sound to your taste:

A switch Modern / Vintage (acute and bass boost on modern)
Normal switch / hot to boost the gain
Brightness "treble boost"
deep / tight: sharper or fat

And especially a triple switch that will allow to move from the U.S. (fender) / AC typed AC15 / British typed Marshall

Presence of loop effect.

Finally a versatile amp tubes!


Simple setup: Yes. All sounds coming out are good.

Not read the manual ... c is from analog .. pure intuitive.

Currently connected to the VOX 112TV cabinet


This little amp suit every style of music. At worst pedal more for metalheads ... But he swallows fine pedals and incredible sound "sculptable to wish."

ALL sounds can almost out .. crisper and Christallin in saturated fat and more. I play it with a Stratocaster Am Special "special microphones tex" waiting for my Deretour Lp customization. Tested with my fasle wah and a boss ds-1 and ca goes alone.

I love this amp saturation changing impression by AC / British / U.S. mode.

"Ability to play at low volume with Gain and Volume."


I've had a week.

I have a VOX AC4TV, tested a peavey rage 15w, a tiny terror head, an AC15 bluesJunior a fender, a haze marshall, fender mustang ....

I appreciateany most is the ability to change the sound of the amp with different switch.

Unbeatable value for money ... 3 sounds kind AC / British / U.S. + We get the finest settings ... what heads limit purchases of multiple amplifiers.

I would do this choice without hesitation.

Small but HEFTY!

By Makos, 08/01/2013
Read overall opinion ...


Read overall opinion ...


Read overall opinion ...


Previous opinions perfectly reflect what I think of this "small" head. I confirm everything that has been written.
I have owned many tube amps (Fender, Vox, Bugera). I found the "voice" with this little Egnater. It is my preference, certainly.
Versatile, powerful, I played with a 10-inch cabinet with a Eminence Lil'Buddy, it's mind-blowing! It is insensitive to ambient electromagnetic interference. This is significant when playing with single coils.
The EQ and voicing options make it a truly effective Swiss knife ... all analog! He swallows all effects pedals without blinking ;-)
A defect? No reverb ... with what had been 10/10.

I can only advise. A wise investment ...

an amp that defies competition

By nikkko 3, 06/09/2012
Single-channel all-tube amp 15 watts with effects loop to connect 16ohnms.

Other impedance possible if it connects an external cab (4ohms and 8ohms).
Cathode bias (relamping requires no adjustment).

At first glance, the tweaker has the air of a conventional amplifier with traditional buttons gain, bass, middle, trebble and volume. Yet when we look closer, we realize that there are 5 switches that make the originality of the amp, note that these switches can be activated manually:

1) switch clean / hot: great, in reality it is not so single channel it since it offers both clean sounds and distorted sounds.

2) switch U.S. / AC / BRIT: more interesting to you available three different amp types: U.S. = fender / Vox AC = / = BRIT Marshall.

Summarized thus: 3 amps in one that can be played either clean or in full, it is therefore six basic sounds!

The other 3 voicings can also refine more precisely the desired sound:

- Switch vintage / modern, the modern mode switch enhances bass and treble

- Switch Deep / tight: the deep to sound a bit "muddy" the tight for a more accurate sound.

- Switch normal / bright to add brilliance to the sound.

Hello versatility!


Despite its many settings that might frighten some, note that the tweaker is completely intuitive, easy to use and has nothing of a gas plant. It is even a real tour de force managed by the brand, dock tweaker is plug and play, it is immediately and easily a good sound to such an extent that does not spend his time turning knobs.


So there is total ecstasy both in saturated clean.

You can switch between a clean sound to knopfler / gilmour saturax the way to Metallica and others in no time with stunning realism!

Jazz, blues, country, classic rock (the clean channel with the gain pushed produces fabulous Crunches to keith richards / black crowes), hard rock and heavy metal.
Nothing can resist him! It's hard to believe that a single amp can be as good as whatever the style played hard to find fault.

Two other issues that to me are important:

1) the tweaker is "pedal friendly", a true platform pedal.
The distortion and overdrive pedals that you make are transfigured in front (I gave my old Ibanez TS 9, I did not recognize!) And still allow to increase the versatility of the combo. I tested with a high gain pedal quality (Suhr Riot) slap! I had the impression of being in another amp, the sound boogiie / soldano if you know what I mean ... A killing.

2) It sounds great at low volume! you still keep the dynamics of the tube. For my part, my late hours, I balance on clean mode with the volume and gain set low and I do saturate with a pedal (fulltone plimsoul) which I regulates the sound volume, and it does it very well !


It is simple in this category, I do not see any amp even compete in the sounds produced.

For me this is a plebiscite.

Big sounds from a small box

By SonicPulverizer, 31/08/2012
15 watts of... everything? The Egnater Tweaker operates on a pair of 6v6's. It's single channel offers an array of toggle switches to refine your tone. You can choose between three different settings which emulate names such as Mesa, Marshall, and Vox (called USA, Brit, and AC--respectively). The inclusion of an effects loops is a great touch.


The tone controls are very responsive. The amp's many toggles allow for a large variety of sounds. The amp played very well with pedals and I had no troubles at all with the effects loop (unlike certain other amps I own). Even at 15 watts the amp is very loud.


Played with a gibson Les Paul Standard and an Explorer traditional Pro. 1x12 Egnater cab. No pedals.

The Brit, AC, and USA settings do a good job at capturing the flavors represented. The "clean" mode had plenty of gain available. Switching to "Hot" mode carried on where the other left off, offering a surprising amount of aggression. The amp lost quite a bit of clarity as the volume increased. I discovered that the amp responds quite differently dependent on the guitar chosen. The Les Paul Standard I played through it sounded very tame and dapper compared to the Explorer and sometimes sounded muffled. The explorer sounded much more articulate with gain and seemed to retain more clarity at higher volumes as well.


The Tweaker is a wonderful amp for the price. Compared against the Tweaker 40 and 88 models, I enjoyed the 15 the most. It retained more character than the other amps, which seemed too ambitious in their feature sets to deliver. Do not expect the Tweaker to sound all that close in its impersonations of a Marshall or a Vox--but with a decent delay and a boost, the amp will come close enough for most.
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