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User Review

Adopted! - Reviews EVH 5150 III 100W Head

Already stated ...


The use is very simple dice the first grip.
We get different sounds sculpted very quickly with a reactive and precise equalization.
Plug and play anything!


I play mostly progressive metal and death and the amp is doing wonderfully in these styles.
The EVH however versatile and can address all styles of music.
1 Clean channel is pretty good.
Even with my humbucker Dimarzio does not saturate (to gain reasonable course).
Channel 2 Crunch is nice with a good momentum.
It allows you to navigate between Crunch AC / DC sound so much heavier kind Maiden.
Pity that this channel does not have more gain.
Overdrive channel 3 was the revelation for me.
This channel has a demonic gain while keeping heat and precision.
Palm Mute net hyper, chords and arpeggios emerge perfectly, short channel I prefer.
I have several guitars Ibanez (7 string, 6-string, baritone ...) all equipped with Dimarzio pickups and rendering is really terrible on all 3 channels.
Noted that despite its 100W, this amp is usable chamber volume.


I just bought this amp and frankly it's a big blow for me.
The EVH is a great build quality and the sound is at the rendezvous.
I hesitated with a Dual Rectifier or a Powerball but Rectifier too mushy and too cold Powerball have not convinced me.
I tried the EVH by chance and it has completely won me over.
A revelation to me.