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User Review

it hard!! I love - Reviews EVH 5150 III 50W

Everything is already said in previous reviews
Beautifully crafted, beautiful, solid.
Ability to manage the effects loop with the footswitch is rather great!


Incredibly easy.
You will get all the sounds you want very easily, a few hours of test you enough. (Without either from in areas that are not hers!) For a mesa head, brand I love, it takes dozens of hours to get the perfect sound.

9/10 and not 10/10 as a c .. thought wise to put on / off and standby buttons on the back of the amp ... Hang on!!


Like everyone else we are going to focus a little more on the sounds. I understand why some reviews are means, we must love, and I adoreeee! I want to say that the cab is very important, I stayed on my 2x12 mesa boogie recto 2x12 cab the EVH has not convinced me. Us and what better than a mesa recto cab for metal?

Clear / crunch channel 1 (green) sounds: Pretty cold (which I love), responded dramatically to attack. Neck pickup it still manages to keep a clear sound up to half of gain, but the bridge pickups crunch happens very quickly, I love! We play a nice arpeggio without damaging the strings were clear sound and makes agreements attacking and has a crunch without touching the trimmings!

Sounds cruch channel 2 (blue): Direct Wholesale rock n roll, equalization very important to find a multitude of sounds. You can go ACDC big big rock / stoner. So I will address directly the people who say that the amp is unusable because it has only one volume for channel 1 and 2 impossible to manage the problem. Of one, it's a rock amp / metal so clear sound is not to be used at the same volulme the crunch. It is even very useful I think. To make joe dassin buy another amp. Then as many guitarists you tend to forget that your guitar has knob ... yes it is good for something, if you want absolutely play on these two channels at the same volume you just have to put the volume knob handle micro background and volume knob easel moitier and you change microphones when you change the channel ... easy. But again if you need this so equal volume is that you can be wrong amp for your style you are ...

Channel 3 / lead / red: The must for me, perfect for all styles of metal to the extreme, equalization once again great, the sound goes all the while (the black heavy metal, grind the super ). a small pile of background noise, so if you are sensitive you will need a noise gate.

Last thing to do potentiometer on the back of the head (a kind of presence inverted), it will be very useful for façoner your sound!

I put 9/10 and not 10/10 for the common volume between channel 1 and 2 even though for me it is not a problem and the lack of reverb ...


Perfect perfect perfect, I play it for 2 months, already used on stage again, everywhere he is awesome!! Then again do not be fooled, this is not an amp to make soft. This is 5150!!

And also thank you to the gentlemen / lady have tried this amp an hour in the store and have never used true to refrain from writing reviews ... Let those who use it every day and know how to use a guitar knob.

Top quality price, I hesitated a long time with a carvin V3m but I do not regret.