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User Review

the saturax that hard head you! - Reviews EVH 5150 III 50W

all head lamps manufactured by Fender!
50w under the hood!
two amp channels filled horses (no tax!) just waiting to get out and shake you! ah! ah!
panel; gain, low, middle, high, and volume for the 2-channel and a presence button to the right.
2 push buttons provide quick channel change.


yes, it is rather simple as running ...
I have not read the manual ...
sound, the van halen today!


yes, it is ideal for 80% of what I demand an amp; namely; high saturation and specific clean channel!
I say 80% because for the warm blues sounds, must look elsewhere!
I tested with elite LTD horizon III and it was party to saturax!


I tried it last Saturday ...
this is really impressive!
this is the first time I find an amp delivers a saturation horse like that!
in addition, associated with the 5150 III 2X12 cabinet "was a fucking saturation just hit you in the leg!
I can not believe so he roared!
it is really and definitely an amp for metal!
it is capable of other things, but this is not his hunting ground ...
even staying on the first channel by pushing the gain, you can get to have a similar sound to 2 channel bottom but with a sound a little more "rock" loaded mediums ..
I tried the blues, but it's not his thing, because the sound is "right" and the blues, it's worth a rounder and dirty sound ...
to finish; this amp, everyone knows and doubt is not to tell the story of Sleeping Beauty or to go pick mirtilles; it is "sending power and has teeth that you lost after!"
you guessed it; this amp does not compromise; it is "clean" and dry and saturated death, but between, it's hard to do something else or so, you must add a pedal, and there is more the sound of the amp ...
an amp that will not suit everyone.