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User Review

Amp Ultra Modern - Reviews EVH 5150 III 50W

50W 2 JJ 6L6GC
7 12AX7!!! It is gated, this is the compression tube!
Let me tell you that even by changing V1, there almost nothing, far from Brit Amp
Midi-compatible ... And ben Jove, it's like a GPS such, it can help, it can save!
Are white buttons ranging from 1 to 10. According to one turns it changes the sound but not the same button. Surprisingly it is marked on what we are below each button, practice!
There are three channels with different colors. In the dark if you are deaf you know if you have connected us on a distortion or clean .... Well thought for the deaf, for the blind will review it ... A show a little noise, Siri who send a text to see ....
EVH also thought to racial discrimination. If you're more a fan of Arian beautiful time of colonization, it offers the Ivory recalling the glory and fast Africa 20s. If like me you are a tawny hair, see black, head is black worry you.


The configuration is more complicated but less than a Senseo combo VHS / DVD set that Mom and Dad are happy.
The manual reminds us that we take for painters ...
"Feed the amp head with an adequate cable, if its not working"
"Think about starting off"
"Do not put your tongue on hot lamps"

So to 1000th obtained a electric guitar sound .... If you plug an accordion there is less easy to sound good .... A good gross for mobsters with a bowl against.

Mistification: the jump between green and blue, set the gain to 6, no more difference bands dancers, play a worthy volume also room is shame to have such a beast!


My style of music is the electric guitar: It should be about
I get sounds between 110Hz and 1500Hz (under torture with 7 strings)
I hate the sound of the amp that goes off it means that the repeat or live is over.
I love the sound of the Lydian on the blue channel with a delay and a TS9.
Channel 1: Clean dry as a stick, with active ca goes better but not worth a catechu against a Fender combo, let it be said, do not listen to metal heads "clean channel Fenderien"
I had a Laney VH100, he put him in the spanking clean and Vintage.
Reverb Delay Modulation, what you want but give him the boot
Channel 2: Heavy 80's .... From Glam to Chuck
Channel 3: Whitechapel Gojira VS VS Eruption


It sounds, it's modern, it is compressed, go your way for vintage vibes and other heat lamp crunches .... Go your way if you are looking for a dynamic amp into distortion. Very smooth compared to his uncle 6505 ....