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User Review

A great surprise! - Reviews Laney IRT60H

Value For Money : Poor
The Laney Ironheart is an all-tube amp with a power of 60 watts (enough for a configuration rehearsal, studio and live ...). Power it has two 6L6 Ruby Ec83 4 (also known as 12AX7) preamp.

In the manner of a Rectoverb, it has a switch to switch EL34 power in place of 6l6 without needing rebiaser. Very handy! It has all the connections needed to plug into any standard cabinet.

The Ironheart is a three channel (clean sound, rhythm and lead) which can be controlled via the foot with his footswitch provides (I will return in conclusion ...). It has two EQing: common with clear sounds and rhythmic sounds, and dedicated solely to the lead channel. Where it can be very useful is that it has a boost function that simulates a pedal Overdrive type TS9 or Maxxon which gives an additional gain on each channel type.

Another originality of this head is that it has a button dynamically, and finally a tone knob "watt"

- The dynamics give more or less "safe" in his
- The tone refines its settings, more or less acute, which is convenient for live conditions without having to modify the equalizer. It also allows more or less out of the mix.
- The knob Watt is actually a power attenuator that allows for a good performance lamps at low volume. Ideal for domestic work without disturbing the neighborhood or family! This knob can be likened to a master volume.

Despite its reputation métalleuse This head provides good versatility in many styles of music!


The sounds produced by the various channels are very good on the first try, provided of course, we love the wheat from the amp! It also sounds great at low volume, which is not negligible compared to the renowned competition (Mesa, Kosh and Engl ... to name a few). The knobs for EQ respond well which allows for accurate and efficient settings.

The set gives you confidence. Indeed, this amp is very well finished and the knobs do absolutely no gadget as I've read here and there ... In conclusion, it is very well built!

One minus for manual ... Although it is clear and concise, the different settings offered does not do justice to the amp!


I currently play in a rock band / Metal ... I previously used a Mesa Boogie combo Rectoverb but its too stiff it was suitable pleased that I wanted ...

I'm tempted by the Laney for many reasons:

- I know the brand but I never had the opportunity to play on a good amp Laney
- Different opinions were mostly positive
- The rate for a three-channel 60-watt lamps all it does not grow on trees!

So I bought the net without having tried it first ... And I was impressed from the first notes!

The clean sounds are really good, warm, round and not screaming and activating the boost is achieved by a wink really a typical small overdrive Ibanez TS9 (I own too). Perfect for a little blues to Jimi Hendrix! The clean sounds are clear, high-volume ... really very good!

The Rhythm channel is also very interesting: the winning race is very good ... it can go from mild overdrive with a big trunk definite saturation that does not bleed. And this is one of the great strengths of this amp ... The sounds are very clean and do not drool easily! After all is a matter of taste you might say, but personally I do support the gaveux rained off some amps ...

The lead channel is a continuation of Rhythm channel with greater headroom and a sharper grain pile. One can easily spend a big style rock, hard rock, punk to a more modern style metal snap the boost, which confers very typical PalMute specific groups of current Metalcore. However, this head has not rained a reserve of infinite gain ... but more than enough to reach more extreme styles!

Finally, a truly versatile head that can take you into different musical styles while doing great! From the point of view of ergonomics, the footswitch is really handy! It controls in a snap of the foot all channels, reverb and boost! Comes with the amp, there is other prestigious brands (Engl for its entire range and Marshall for his series of FMV) should follow the example of such initiatives as having lengthened more than 100 euros able to control all channels in the foot, I think it's just a shame ... And we're not talking about the same price range!


I do not have a habit of letting opinions on products I buy ... But it is clear that Laney performs a tour de force by offering this Ironheart budding musicians! Excellent quality / price ratio, excellent versatility (I repeat because it is truly the case, despite its reputation) and sounds very good indeed! (Played primarily on Gibson SG Standard in my case)

It easily rivals the great tenors of the current musical world ... I have owned various Mesa Boogie (DC 20, and single Rectoverb Rectifier) ​​and a Engl Screamer. I had the opportunity to try to as the dates of the JVM, Soldano, Powerball, 5150, Engl Savage etc ... Do not be fooled by the "ridiculous" price of this amp!

I also want to spend a rant on the amps so-called "cheap" made in Asia ... All amps supposedly high quality, hand made and that cost two arms and a leg I've owned have ALL fallen failed at least once (for several times and the screamer Engl Rectoverb elsewhere). And these are not innocuous repairs in most cases! In short, all that to say that the verse of "Yeah it's made in Asia then this is the m ** of" slightly iridescent tend to my hair ... Especially as pundits fuck more and more consumers by offering overpriced amps (which is not justified in terms of sound sometimes ... Who said the JVM?) without offering the footswitch with the amp (more than 100 euros lengthen and that is just critical to drive the amp), I say loud and clear: It's pathetic!

Last point: The Ironheart amps are controlled in the United States before marketing ............. Anyway I am totally conquered by the world of Laney brand!