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User Review

Plexi sound / look JCM800 - Reviews Marshall 1959 JCM800 Super Lead [1981-1989]

It is the same circuit and the same functionality as the JMP Superlead, in a wider frame and in a headshell of JCM800. Mine dates from 1983.


As simple (and complicated) without a marshall master volume can be: the holy grail of the saturation natural EL34 is at hand but good guitar, good booster, good attenuator and good speaker required.
Typically the kind of amp whose best part will be drawn with some infrastructure around and a little experience.
I put a detachable PPIMV above, I recommend this mod.


Everything has been said on the subject.
It's simple it is the sound that everyone is looking to have.
The model reissue 1959SLP gives a good idea of ​​what can be drawn from this amp even if the Superlead the 70's and 80's still have better components (input transformer and output in particular).


It is a model that I'm glad I found at a decent price.
Compared to my Superlead JMP 1977 is a bit more bright and punchy.
I think if I had to keep one of the two would be one, if only for its rarity.