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User Review

small but big sound - Reviews Marshall 2061X

I bought the Marshall 206 amp when I was stationed in Germany and have taken it everywhere. This amp has been played in Iraq, Paris France, all over Germany, Ibiza Spain, A majority of places here in the U.S.A. and now in the Virginia and North Carolina. Because of the option to use 6AA batteries and the minimal space it takes up this amp has been my companion wherever I go. Its portability also means that I can take it to family functions, parties, and even gigs (I use it to warm up). I keep this in my trunk on trips just in case the need arises to play any where I go. I recommend this amp as a practice / travel amp. I can personally say that this amp, for its size and price has been a great investment


This thing DESTROYS the tone of any other practice amp I've played, including some costing 4X the price. These are the folks that make Boss pedals, and the build quality is evident from the feel of the knobs, to the catch of the input jack, to the sturdiness of the cabinet. While the effect choice is limited, and effect level adjustment is absent altogether, the presets are very good, well balanced, and extremely easy to use. I bought one for my wife to learn on, and turned right around and bought one for myself. These things are wall and battery-powered, and they get loud!


Perfect for taking to the park and crashing a picnic. Now I can practice anywhere, actually sound decent while doing it, and I can leave my pro gear in the freakin' studio since it looks more impressive there anyway.


The Marshal 206 amp may be small, but its not very quiet. I got this a while ago, and i love it. It's great for beginners and people who don't want to bother their roommates. However they might ask you to turn it down a bit. Its great for practice. The quality is great for the money