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User Review

onelittlejog's review - Marshall 2100 JCM900 Master Volume [1990-1992]

Marshall JCM 900 100watt head hi_gain mk3 master volume model 2100 (that's the ref for high accuracy)
_All lamp (mounted behind Sovtek) 3 4 preamp and power amp
_1 Input jack on the front and a footswitch input
Debian _to_ and send back for return effects loop, recording Compensated, direct output, impedance select (4,8,16 ohms), 2 Loudspeakers outputs (speakers), mode selector high / low


The configuration is very simple
1 guitar input, the switch to control the channel a or b
behind it plugs into a cabinet or other 1922,1936,1960 etc ... (personal Sovtek) and it rolls
the legendary Marshall grain is to go
like any tube amp, the head weighs a dead donkey, but much more practical than a combo.

on the front
A presence knob
A bass eq
1 eq middle
1 eq treble
1 A volume
Volume 1 B
A gain (sensitivity)
An overall volume (preamp)

is simple and very effectively
One can certainly dig the bass, midrange and treble but the sound is there and the change in frequency small, they're not alone I hate to take the head with all this.


pop, rock, hardcore, metal, this head is able to do everything
its weak point remains the clear sound of most of the marshall
its strong point, rock, blues with sounds fat and drooling at will (thank you Jim)
I would put 9 because I regret the lack of reverb (which I love so much in Marsall)


I use it for 3.4 years now and is happy that the
this choice I would do again as the know-how, reliability and sound on both this mythical album is to go
photo photo