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User Review

ekerisann's review - Marshall 2203KK JCM800 Kerry King Signature

Tete-amp single-channel lights (3x and 4x ECC83 in pramp KT88 instead of EL34 for the power amp)
- 5 out HP! (Useful?)
- No effects loop!
- Intgr Effects: Noise Gate Boost + EQ


Trs simple configuration (with less than 10 knobs at the same time ...) at all levels
This gives a good sound easily seen that the equalization is quite significant but trs base metal (the same pousss mediums are not too much) so it's all in what ... V
I have not seen the manual ...

The interest is to use both effects Intgr, the noise gate is a knob on RULES and even boost the (supposedly the KFK integr except that from your back 3-band eq we can not do much else)

The whole is efficient trs


Well here is the middle of the Metal throne so that it remains in single channel, is playing on the volume knob to have some kind of crunchy clean, the signature on the right explaining what his direct face we do ...
For me the lack of a good clean trs is frustrating but I think we bought especially for the Kerry King head so basically they balance what is expected of her at her, no worries ...
For prciser, you will soon feel the interest of the noise gate, as quickly Feedback fuse when you push the gain (Pre Amp)


I jou top shop for a long morning ...
I really like the effects because Intgr trs effective and useful, the head of the cot simple but the lack of effects loop is unacceptable, not to mention that to me is a single channel really not possible ...
In line with Marshall Metal east and middle of all this head signatures is doing great even though I find it a bit expensive for what it is (1700 euros) ...
If I had to buy a head signature may be that I would take it but hey have to be a fan and know what you want prcisment ...