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User Review

One of the best - Reviews Marshall 2204 JCM800 Master Volume Lead [1981-1989]

The Marshall JCM 800 amplifier it's basically reissues version of one of the greatest amplifiers that Marshall is ever come up with. This is a master volume amplifier that is 50 W of power. So basically you have two power tubes rather than four power tubes. The overall volume is really cut that much coming from 100 W amplifier. But what you do you get it you get a little bit more manageable volume with a slightly bit saggy I feel in the attack of the amplifier.



4 EL34s in the power stage
3 ECC83s in the preamp
True bypass series FX loop
3-band EQ
Presence control


The look at this amplifier is really classic in itself. They have stayed true to the original look and cosmetic appearance from the originals from the early and late 70s and 80s. I found the reissues of these Marshall JCM 800 amplifiers tend to have a little bit more gain on tap. It could've been the one that I was playing compared to the many JCM 800 that I have played from the 80s but it just seemed to have a little bit more gain and a little bit more usable frequencies without having to modify or use an overdrive boost or pedal of any kind. All around this is a classic amplifier and a great head for any gigging or recording musician.


You can find these heads for right around $1000 or so on the used market which is the best way to go for these. At new you're looking at right around $2200. So just allow someone else to take the hit on the new price and get this one for just about half the price of the new amplifier. That would be my recommendation because this amplifiers a great one and there are so many out there to be had used. This I one of my all time favorite amps that has ever been created. I love it so much that i keep buying them from all era's for their great foundation for hard rock music.