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KT-66 Valves in the Marshall JTM 45 reissue.

Dear Vintage Lovers,

I have a JTM 45 reissue from 1998.
Played clean it has the perfect high
end shimmer bell like tone .
When I put a tube screamer in front
it produces many overtones and
harmonics-but the presence,
even if turned down is too much.

Here my question(s):

Is it possible to use KT-66 valves
in the JTM 45 to smooth out
the highs and to make it growlier ?

Can I use EL 34 valves in the JTM 45 ?

Do You have any suggestions for
tuning the JTM 45 ?

Thank You and Greets,

God Bless


Quote: Can I use EL 34 valves in the JTM 45 ?

probably not without changes on the schematic...

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