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User Review

kokonard182's review - Marshall 2500 JCM900 Master Volume [1990-1992]

Sound nikel for fans crazy years. Sound both tropical and dmoniaque, homecoming so ...
A malefique headmaster at neck-plus ultra of the Congolese firm (I think)
Auditory filter and swithchand bamboo and aluminum.
The plate is so original notice every scratch and marshalleux.
The antenna are impeccable, we can capture the cable and wifi and differente tibetan chains also available on canal +
A flying blue violent, extreme reverb, not to mention 14-inch wheels fully chrome totally original, good bete well barr and violent as we like and whose fan of the genre and whose raffolleront as fans pareo mortuus nedra and Elvaron will indulge with its fair value.
If you want to contact me for more info, there is no lezare
didier 0617479360.






Always no lezare the horizon