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User Review

vintagegus's review - Marshall 2550 Silver Jubilee [1987]


so it is a 100W all-tube that can switch to 50W for full connectivity is plutt: effects loop, DI output, etc. And what's great is that one can choose the voltage is no Souis for UK and U.S., is all con rglage issue, presence, bass, middle, treble, volume 2, a gain of


The config is super simple and does everything to gain from noon on 8 / 10 and the volume donf ^ ^ for the selection of "channels" to clean the knob is pulled gain and one is for the crunch "distortion" which is almost the same as the apartment crunch that it delivers more power is pulled and the first volume knob on the gain niches, because when he was shot was nothing short of a power I do not know why but personal was bored, and the crunch sound or distortion and really good with the Gibson SG is quite rock 'n' roll very aggressive so we pushed the volume and a sound shakes the house, the enclosing walls fall is "shake your foundation" for those who know AC / DC ...


I personally only rock 'n' roll sound so clear me crazy! all that matters is the crunch / distortion and it's a bomb I do not use effects is plug and play and with the SG's ... ... Magic, we get really sound like the album Let There Be Rock AC / DC, full of resentment that you play ds 2 notes at the same time but its relatively clear when n 'There was a note of jou


I use it for 2 or 3 weeks and I like, I SSAI lots of amps (Fender, Randall, Line 6, Mesa / Boogie, Hughes & Ketner, other Marshall) but one that I'm going even buy it later on if I should redo JTM45 that choice I do not know even though I still feel like a JTM45, he party's I buy on the spur of t te ...