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User Review

mandragorane's review - Marshall 2550 Silver Jubilee [1987]

For specifications see the other view.

Brief remark in passing, not to play with the reverb is pretty good too. The effects loop is parallel I added for effect against a rack that allows me to have a real chorus, not a chorus in series ... with the defects inherent in this ...

It's really easy to use, with one reglagle tone to make it clear to the channel or channel saturated. on the other hand I quickly abandoned the original roland pedal as not strong enough for my taste and not long enough to use it on stage.


Scene repeated in rooms quite spacious, home studio rooms and forget


I too agree that when you leave you can not have a big metal type sound today, it's just a matter of adjustment. Personal For more than four years since I played it and I did not get any better in terms of presence. For sound it is true that if you use mode as the 25 W to throw away, it is useless, where this amp will give the full measure of its capacity mode is at least 50 watts third volume of masters or you're dead.


I love this amp but it has the biggest problem of all that is Marshall a flagrant lack of gain. As against the level of fine grain it is just very clever, nothing to do with the Mesa which is a larger grain, but let's say the dirtiest. Finally I have the 2555 model namely the two combo HP ... it's heavy and there's very heavy it is super boring for transportation but against the advantage of having two speakers is just the presence. I jous on my PRS or my gibson Les Paul I have never been disappointed with my sound.