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User Review

sigrist1's review - Marshall 2550 Silver Jubilee [1987]

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Warning: There is no reverb on this amp. You will have to invest in an external pedal (EH Holy Grail for me) to place in the effects loop. Too bad then (but at the same time, the Holy Grail is better than that available if many amps).


Very simple configuration:
a button to switch from 25 to 50W.
Presence, Bass, Middle, Treble, Gain (push-pull button, which switches to the crunch channel), a master volume knob that manages the volume of the clear channel and is the master on channel saturated (note that s 'acts in a push-pull button that switches to the boosted channel, a passage which is also done very well through the footswitch).

The settings are fairly easy, as in what Marshall.


I play with a Gibson Les Paul Standard. Plugged into a Marshall 2x12 1936.

The clean sounds are really nice, I played with a lot of reverb, and it gives a fat sound when I play with the neck pickup, and sounds pretty flashy with the bridge pickup (it is better the highs down a bit in this if there).

The crunch sounds are very nice too: you can get sound to AC / DC, or sounds very rock 1970s.

The saturation is very hard rock in the spirit Guns N 'Roses. I play in these cases with the bridge pickup, and I have a great sound, you can go out to the sounds of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden carefree. on the other hand, no black metal with this amp: for cons, with a pedal, it's something else.

In short, this amp is quite versatile.

ATTENTION: you have to really push the volume high to get the sound: if not, the distorted sounds are not good: personal, I play with the lead channel volume at 3 / 4 master and half (all in 25W) . I have almost never been able to do because I play in a room and there I am well aware that the lights in your room is not manageable (by the way, I just sell it because believe me, it makes noise, and it is impossible to get Marshall sound without pushing the amp: I can not push my amp unless I want to have located the famous sound)! However, if you play in groups, in a room, you will make you happy


I played with for a year. I thought it was manageable in a room but I was wrong. We must push hard enough for sound. The few times I pushed him (in the middle of the afternoon, as little as possible to annoy the neighbors), I too liked the sound ... Perhaps with an attenuator could have been better, but I doubt it.

no reverb (compulsory purchase in my opinion)
like all tube amps, obligation to push hard

25/50W switch that allows you to push without making too much noise (but that enormous mouth anyway, believe me!)
The famous Marshall's, Guns N 'Roses (especially with a Les Paul): hard rock attitude
Ease of use
No breath of noise, it is perfectly silent when you release the ropes