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User Review

Tete classic 5 PIN UP: tool for pedals to record or play live - Reviews Marshall Class 5 Head

Head marshall 5W Pin Up series, brown leather with a beautiful Pin Up on the speaker with a 10W speaker, all made in England, good workmanship.
Big power, nickel or repeat play live.
-Simple settings, it still sounds good, careful not to put too much bass with Gibson.
A single channel, no loop or reverb, so they need a few pedals with more sounds.


No need to book, the sound is very warm and organic, ca reacts really well, if you play it cool or attack.
Everything is very light, so easy to transport and set up.
I did my first gig with 10 days ago, no need to take in the sound, I played more than 3 hours, the volume 4!
For blues, you can just play with the amp, for pop, funck or rock, it will add the pedals and they sound great on this amp.


With the pedals can have everything to do with, it takes great pedals. There is one clear rule or its slight crunch in its core and reverb pedals lead / delay or boost and saturation.
It should rather play with simple microphones to cover an acoustic drum in its clear focus is clear sound Marshall, Fender not crystaline, it will take a small compressor or a small booster effect VL kind.
Crunch sounds sounds top, perfect for rytmiques blues, rock and pop. then with the boost or OD pedals or Disto, we feast!
The MUST: the new RIFF SHOOTER made by Judge Fred, or OD JAM (pedals shops greece).
For large concert, we can resume with Adix I5 or SM58 and you can make big scenes. THE brown leather look with PIN UP plan had its effect, everyone looks the amp


Super nice, lightweight, good sound, good construction and suitable for the pedals.