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User Review

Small and Mighty - Reviews Marshall Class 5 Head

All lamps, class A, monkey ended.
2 12AX7, 1 EL84.
3 band eq
Release 8 or 16 ohms
Cathode bias, so no Bias to adjust, you change the tube without worry.


Easy to use but fully understand.
First quarter of the volume, clear sound. Past that, the sound begins to crunch slightly right and we will attack the hand and the guitar volume to saturate more or less.
At noon it was already a great overdrive that arises.
Spent half adding more volume too but mostly gain (too much on the end is rough) and even SAG limit.


The sound is clear, yes THE sound because obviously this amp produces a single sound, he does very well. If you do not like this particular grain then there is nothing to expect from the class 5.
The clean sound is good. It is round and warm, it feels light on the sound, the more the volume is frank, most natural compression is felt. Its only flaw is that low volume, it lacks shine. The sound tends to be very dull and too round.
So I changed to keep shining in the first quarter of the stroke volume. Sound breathes better, let the harmonic richness speak (more than double the franc strat, of course), and the violin makes its full potential even at low volume. None, I do not understand the Marshall on this one ..
Then, the more you shoot, the more saturated, like the old plexi heads and consort but with the advantage of lower power. The overdrive is clean until two thirds say, a distinctive and typical sound, the british possible.

TIP: To keep longer subject to its clear (headroom) is grafted him a lamp in 5751 V1. To calm down the fury of the amp and which can delay the arrival of crunch. Small + welcome.
For rehearsal / concerts, if you need a clear, you should test it ... maybe just a little. The trick of 5751 will be more than recommended. For crunch ect, provide a small overdrive pedal that will be set at the right volume and enjoy the gain needed to walk. Incidentally, this amp is a marvel for its effects, particularly on the front passes.


A good little amp in good order. It inspires confidence, even in the lead. (Model which does not suffer from vibration issues combo.) The finish is nice, the sound is good. Apart from this lack of gloss, no complaints! It is obviously limited in its sound, it does not send itself to everyone but if you like then this is happiness.

THE +:
Low power (but high volume!)
Weight (lightness has a foolproof)
Maintenance (bias)
Its course.

LES -:
A little hard to make serious cruncher apartment
Its very clear mat on the first quarter
Limited on amenities (reverb, loop) Anyway it's also the "spirit" that want it ..